Ora on the hunt for customers with Funky Cat: the next car brand from China is coming to Germany

Ora with Funky Cat to catch customers
Next car brand from China is coming to Germany

Another new Chinese car brand that tries its luck in Germany. But Ora does it differently than other brands from the Far East. With its pure electric vehicles, it deserves special attention from the newcomers. And the first model is something to be proud of.

More and more Chinese car brands are currently coming to Germany and will do so in the coming months. Recently, Nio caused a stir with the presentation of its first ET 7 model, on the one hand due to its brutal positioning in the S-Class segment, and on the other hand due to the possibility of completely replacing batteries on dedicated stations in a short time. time. But most Chinese manufacturers are much more modest and try their luck in the affordable segments of the compact SUV and sedan class.

A bit retro: the design of the Ora is unusual.

(Photo: Ora)

Among the newcomers in Germany, the Ora brand deserves special attention with its fully electric models. Even the Funky Cat name makes you sit up and take notice and expect an extraordinary vehicle. The fact that Ora is the first vehicle, not (another) SUV to enter the race, but a 4.24-meter five-door Golf format vehicle, is certainly extraordinary.

The design is also exceptional: the freaky cat comes in a sympathetic retro design, with a harmonious side line and a front that, with a little good will, even reminds of Porsche with its raised fenders and relatively horizontal headlight cover.

“Have high quality standards”


Ora’s Funky Cat voice assistant is a highlight.

(Photo: Ora)

This seems to be in line with the brand claim. “We have high quality standards and set standards in terms of security and digitization,” said Jens Schulz, who is responsible for the Ora brand at the newly founded Emil Frey Import Services, which also owns Mitsubishi.

This claim is underlined by a full range of safety equipment with all standard assistance systems in this class, even in the basic version, and five out of five stars in the EuroNCAP test with very good individual values, for example 92 percent for adult occupant protection and 93 percent for the assistance systems. The interior also exudes quality and charm, in the top version, for example, soft plastics and artificial leather form a high-quality combination.


The Ora accelerates to 100 km/h in 8.2 seconds.

(Photo: Ora)

A highlight is the extremely intelligent language assistant, which performed the tasks assigned to it almost flawlessly in the first test and thus outshines some so-called premium products. The “Hey” common today, combined with the brand name, opens the sunroof and even the trunk completely after further commands.

Name Funky Cat for Europe

The quirky name Funky Cat is a European solution, in China the vehicle is called Haomao, which can be translated as “good cat”. The cat means more than a pet in Chinese, but is also commonly regarded as a “companion”. “Ora” also does not mean the Latin word for “to pray”, rather the term is a compound of “open” (open), reliable (reliable) and “alternative”.


Funky Cat will be available in five variants.

(Photo: Ora)

The vehicle is probably offered in Germany for just under 40,000 euros (before deduction of the e-premium of almost 7,180 euros), then it will have a battery with a capacity of 48 kWh on board, which should have a range of about 300 kilometers. possible, with the 63e -kWh package that is about 400 kilometers. The Funky Cat will be available in five variants, with the top-level GT with full equipment likely to be around $10,000 above base price.

The Ora has an electric motor with an output of 126 kW/171 hp on board, accelerates to 100 km/h in 8.2 seconds and can accelerate to 160 km/h. The warranty is decent with five years unlimited mileage and eight years or 160,000 kilometers on the battery.

From January in Germany

Funky Cat scores above all with its design, the security package, quality and workmanship, as well as the great language assistant. However, the good amount of space in the rear seats is paid for with a very small trunk, which can only hold 228 liters of luggage. After all, the rear seat can be folded down. In addition, rear visibility is limited by the narrow rear windows, which is only partially compensated by the standard reversing camera. It’s also a shame there’s no head-up display for this Ora for package reasons.

The electric compact car will come to Germany in January. Jens Schulz is optimistic about sales: “We have ordered 6,000 Funky Cats for next year and will sell them without any problems.” Another Ora model will come to Germany in the second half of the year. The coupé SUV is significantly larger at 4.90 meters. That sounds much more conventional.

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