On Monday (October 10), Norma sells coveted products at extremely low prices


On Monday (October 10), Norma sells coveted products at extremely low prices


NORMAL – price drop at NORMAL! So on Monday (October 10) there are many items for the kitchen, bathroom and workshop available at great prices.

So also pans and pans forever 19.99 euros, like a scale for body analysis and a water-saving hand shower set for each 9.99 euros.

Also discounted: Smarties for 0.88 instead of 1.59 euros and Volvic mineral water for 0.65 instead of 0.99 euros.

You can find even more highlights in our sliders.

NORMA offers on Monday (10.10.)

Attention hobby chefs! NORMA has on Monday (10.10.) really strong offers for you.

We’re talking pans and saucepans forever 19.99 euros and a 6-piece knife set for 17.99 instead of 25.99 euros.

More offers:

Price Off on Monday (10.10.)

For tasty snacks you have to on Monday (10.10.) just take a look at the shelves at NORMA.

Smarties are for 0.88 instead of 1.59 eurosWaffles for 1.49 instead of 1.89 euros and waffle sheets for 0.99 instead of 1.29 euros super cheap.

More offers:

The green highlight on Wednesday (October 12)

Before the gray season starts, you can register with NORMA on Wednesday (12.10.) get some bright flowers again.

How about chrysanthemums or amaryllis forever 2.99 euros.

More offers:

NORMA offers on Wednesday (12.10.)

Also on Wednesday (12.10.) on the shelves at NORMA: practical household items and gadgets.

That’s why there is a body analysis scale and a water-saving hand shower set for each one 9.99 euros.

More offers:

NORMA weekend special from Friday (14.10.)


To the weekend special at NORMA from Friday (14.10.) there are great food items and hygiene items at super low prices.

You can find all weekend deals here.

What else do you want? Now only you are asked! Visit the next soon NORMA branch near youbecause this and much more Offers is really only available while supplies last.

All offers in the current NORMA brochure:


You can also find more information at norma-online.de. All you have to do is select your desired location and you will see all the offers.

*All prices are in euros and include statutory VAT. Errors due to writing, programming and data transmission errors are reserved. No pick-up guarantee! If the article is not in stock in our branch, you can order it directly from the branch within 2 days after the above advertisement starts, without any purchase obligation. It cannot be ruled out that you will unexpectedly and exceptionally not find any loose articles in a branch at the start of the promotion. We are here to help. For more information on the availability of our promotional items, please visit this side.

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