No kidding, five new Witcher games are coming

Well, that’s where the Kikimora tap dance. CD Projekt Red has just published its own plans for the coming years as part of a strategy update. And as for The Witcher, they look pretty lavish: in addition to the third Netflix season, there’s not just one new Witcher game, but five! Let’s go through it.

The information is still quite scarce at the moment, but at least it supports the indications from a few months ago: Behind The Witcher: A New Saga Begins is not only The Witcher 4 (codename Polaris), but also The Witcher 5, 6, yet two projects. And now, who makes the Aard sign: Yeah, the new saga isn’t going to be a direct sequel to The Witcher 3, so it’s almost certainly not going to be called The Witcher 4 in the end, but… you know what we mean.

So what’s planned?

Polaris is a codename for the next installment in The Witcher series of games, which we recently announced was in pre-production. It is the beginning of a new saga: we aim to release two more Witcher games after Polaris, creating a new AAA RPG trilogy.


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  • The Witcher: A New Saga Begins: CD Projekt Red is developing an all-new Witcher trilogy with a new story at its core.
  • Project Canis Majoris: Another open-world RPG set in the Witcher universe, developed by a third-party studio of ex-Witcher veterans.
  • Project Sirius: A innovative look on the Witcher universe, which should inspire existing and new fans. Developed by The Molasses Flood, the team behind The Flame in the Flood. CD Projekt wants to reach a wider audience here, experimenting with multiplayer, but the game also offers a story campaign.

The new Witcher trilogy will be developed over a six-year period, starting with Project Polaris. With a bit of luck, we can play the entire trilogy by 2029 or 2030. The technical foundation for all these projects will be the Unreal Engine 5, the major open-world role-playing games sharing the framework that CD Projekt is currently putting together for Polaris. In the investor call on October 4, the developers confirmed that the three Witcher offshoots will be full-fledged AAA role-playing games. Incidentally, none of the five games will become a mobile game, CD Projekt reassures.

In addition to all the Witcher revelations, there are other announcements. For example, a true sequel to Cyberpunk 2077. And a whole new brand called Hadar. Like what Ubisoft did recently, CD Projekt is using this strategy to position itself in the coming years and see its own brands bigger than just game to game. What do you think?

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