No hash jail: Biden pardons thousands of stoners

No prison for hash
Biden pardons thousands of stoners

No one will regain their freedom as a result of US President Biden’s decision, but he will erase the criminal records of thousands of Americans. Also, marijuana should no longer be classified as a drug similar to heroin.

US President Joe Biden has announced that he will pardon all federal convicts for simple possession of marijuana. Thousands would have been denied jobs, housing or educational opportunities because of criminal records in this area, wrote him on Twitter. “My pardon will take that burden away.”

Authorities say there were about 6,500 people there from 1992 to 2021, senior White House officials said. For this reason, no one is currently being held in federal prisons. Biden specifically emphasized that black Americans are more likely to be prosecuted for cannabis offenses — and convictions have a lasting impact on their lives.

Biden also called on state governors to follow suit. No one should be in a federal prison for simply possessing marijuana, including at the local and state levels. Most of the 50 states in the US legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, and about 20 have decriminalized it altogether.

Majority of Americans Support Cannabis Decriminalization

The Departments of Justice and Health have ordered Biden by presidential decree to expedite the review of cannabis classification. Biden stressed that marijuana is currently equated with heroin and classified as more dangerous than the synthetic drug fentanyl. “That makes no sense.”

Biden said during his 2020 presidential campaign that no one should be sentenced to prison for possession or use of cannabis. According to polls, the majority of Americans feel the same way, not only among the Biden Democrats, but also among many Republicans. In the spring, the House of Representatives passed another bill, mostly with the vote of Democrats, that provides for the decriminalization of marijuana at the federal level. However, with the strong role played by the conservative wing of the Republican Party, no decision has been made in the lower house, the Senate.

Biden’s decree comes about a month before the congressional election, in which the entire House of Representatives and some of the senators must vote. A few months ago, polls suggested that Democrats would lose a narrow majority in the House of Representatives and control in the Senate. In the meantime, they get better chances to keep the Senate – and some do not rule out the possibility that the House of Representatives can also remain democratic. Even losing one of the houses of parliament would limit Biden’s assertiveness.

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