Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart: for Black Friday for less than 300 euros

For Black Friday 2022 it’s time for the best deals of the year. While the two competing consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X are not on sale, there is a very good Black Friday deal for the Nintendo Switch. You can currently buy the bundle with the popular racing game Mario Kart at Media Markt for only 288 euros. Have you been toying with the idea of ​​purchasing the hybrid console for a while? Now is your chance to save a lot of money. Because normally the switch without game is more expensive than the current bundle. Combined, you usually end up around 250 euros for the console and game.

What can the Nintendo Switch do?

The Nintendo Switch picks up young and old with its hybrid concept. The fairly compact console can be used as a handheld on the go thanks to the existing screen. At home it is connected to the TV via a dock and you can play games on the TV. It was so well received that the console continues to sell extremely well, especially when it is on sale. You also get Mario Kart in this bundle. One of the most popular racing games in gaming history. The entertaining racing game is perfect for a game night with friends.

In the test, the Nintendo Switch received a score of 7.3 (“good”)

What we liked – and disliked – about the Nintendo Switch:

  • Good concept: console and handheld in one
  • Strong, exclusive brands such as Mario, Pokémon and Zelda
  • Controllers can be used in different ways
  • Technically not at the level of Playstation and Xbox
  • Controller not very durable

Conclusion: Buy Nintendo Switch bundle for Black Friday?

The bundle offered is highly recommended. The Nintendo Switch currently costs almost 300 euros. The bundle with Mario Kart, which has a value of 50 euros, is therefore significantly cheaper with a price of 288 euros than the regular price of the switch and the game together. Do you like to gamble and are you looking for a console that exclusively offers numerous brands such as Zelda and Pokémon? Then you have to be there now, because the bundle is only available for a short time:

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