Nintendo doesn’t care about fans

When Nintendo announced expanded DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in February, there was great joy and hardcore fans were almost euphoric. 48 additional routes appear for the incredibly successful Switch game, doubling their numbers to a total of 96 ramps. But the thing is the same multiple hooks – and that impressively shows that Nintendo doesn’t care about the fans otherwise, the Season Pass in Mario Kart would look very different.

Mario Kart DLC Tracks: Mobile Ports Only

That the DLC tracks in the Booster Track Pass are ordinary Ports for mobile games Mario Kart Tour is about? gift. After all, since the second wave of release in early August, Nintendo has at least made an effort with the ports and overhauled the DLC routes in many places. It looked very different with the first, disappointing DLC ​​release in March.

And that brings us to the first major criticism of Nintendo: the way the DLC tracks are released.

Mario Kart DLC to Sell Online Subscriptions

the 48 additional slopes appear on six different days, two cups with four routes each. However, Nintendo divides these six days into one period of two proud years. The developers definitely need time for the ports (and the few completely new routes), but with such an extended release window, another assumption comes to my mind: It’s about the money.

While the booster route pass is available for around 25 Euros, Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack subscribers can get the full DLC at no additional cost or additional purchase. It is therefore reasonable to assume that Nintendo will publish the DLC routes over such a long period of time so as to allow as many players as possible to switch, at least for the complete the online subscription for a full two years.

This comes with further benefits, but for subscribers who are primarily interested in Mario Kart, there are still benefits Costs around 80 euros for the two years. Significantly more than the approximately 25 euros for the individual purchase of the booster route pass. Fans who are hungry for new routes can of course keep waiting unnecessarily long. After all, there hasn’t been a real new Mario Kart main game since 2014…

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