Niclas Fullkrug for the World Cup? Hansi Flick has already spoken to Werder Bremen!

Sinsheim – This Niclas Füllkrug simply shows no nerves, but continues to deliver cheerfully – and the SV Werder Bremen attacker should have significantly improved his chances at the World Cup. Because none other than national coach Hansi Flick was sitting in the stands during Bremen’s 2-1 win against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim and saw a pitcher who not only prepared the 1-0, who made it 2-1 with a penalty kick, but also as striker also worked hard physically – front and back. There is no such type of striker in Flick’s selection so far. Incidentally, the national coach had already contacted Werder before the season, it was probably a volcano. Coach Ole Werner did not want to reveal that. Meanwhile, Füllkrug imitated the ignorant – and had fun doing it.

“I didn’t know that at all,” the Werder striker replied when asked by the ARD sports show how he rated Flick’s presence. Niclas volcano grinned and added with a laugh: “Then he saw today a mixed game with lots of chances to score on both sides.” That was the end of the matter for him. He preferred to look critically at his performance: “Of course there is still room for improvement. In terms of fitting accuracy, I could have done even better today, especially in situations that I actually solve well. In the end, ‘Duckschi’ and I did what we’re here for. That just makes me happy.” The “ugly birds” are back together for Werder Bremen reaches. But Füllkrug immediately drew attention to the other colleagues. “We defended very well in the back. Everyone wanted this victory, you could feel it on the field.”

Niclas Füllkrug of Werder Bremen scores eighth goal of the season for national coach Hansi Flick

The team is above all else, but of course the colleagues do not begrudge their number one goalscorer their personal success. “‘Fülle’ is the best striker we have at the moment – in the league and also the best German for me,” he said. Werder Bremen Captain Marco Friedl after the game, but also didn’t want to say too much: “I think ‘Fülle’ knows best how to handle it. He just concentrates on his performance and you see that week after week.” Niclas volcano already his eighth goal, for the third time from the penalty spot, but in the 87th minute gladly against the TSG Hoffenheim if the score is 1-1, it is also a matter of nerves. But the 29-year-old has no problem with that at the moment. The top scorer is brimming with confidence. It doesn’t seem to bother him that the national coach Hansi Flick watching. “It was clear to me that he would score today,” said a beaming Leonardo Bittencourt: “He’s been doing well for weeks. And to really talk about it the way it’s talked about, you need a good phase over several weeks and months, and Abundance has that.”

National coach Hansi Flick has reported to Werder Bremen for a long time – because of Niclas Füllkrug?

Niclas volcano is also unimpressed with early rude attacks from the opponent. Stanley Nsoki rammed the Bremen man shortly after kick-off, but Füllkrug only briefly shook himself. Strong then as he played a one-two with Marvin Ducksch as he fell backwards and his likeable partner made it 1-0 Werder Bremen hung up. Füllkrug proved again that he was center striker also has good technical qualities.

“His performance is remarkable, so it’s a problem, but that’s for others to decide,” he said Werder Bremen Coach Ole Werner to one World Cup participation van his striker: “It’s important that you focus on your own business. That’s what Niclas does, and that’s what we do as a club. Everything else is decided elsewhere Hansi Flick. He contacted Werner weeks ago. “We spoke at the beginning of the season,” Werner revealed. And what was it about – about? Niclas volcano about? “I don’t want to go into that. Those are conversations you have with each other and I want to leave it at that.” Either way, the subject remains exciting. In any case, Füllkrug should have collected even more plus points. In November when the Selection for the World Cup (November 20 to December 18) will be announced in Qatar, then there will be clarity. (kni/dco)

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