Next call for help from Dubai: ex-ruling family member concerned about safety

Next call for help from Dubai
Former member of ruling family worries about safety

Zeynab Javadli has been fighting for custody of her children for almost three years – and loses. Her ex-husband is a member of the ruling family. During this time, she was mistreated and harassed, she says and asks the UN Human Rights Council for help.

After the alleged kidnapping of Princess Latifa, Dubai’s ruling family made headlines again because of another member’s cry for help. Zeynab Javadli, ex-wife of a relative, has called on the UN Human Rights Council to ensure her own safety and that of her children, the BBC said. An Emirati court had previously granted custody of the children to her ex-husband, Sheikh Saied bin Rashid Al Maktum. His uncle is the Emir of Dubai and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Javadli accuses the Emirati authorities of abusing, intimidating and intimidating her in the nearly three-year custody battle. In a video released by the BBC, the 31-year-old from Azerbaijan says: “My children and I are afraid and fear for our lives and safety.” She does not dare to leave the country for fear that her three daughters will be taken from her. According to the information, they are staying in a hotel in Dubai.

Javadli’s cry for help is not the first from Dubai’s ruling family. Princess Latifa, allegedly abducted by her relatives, once turned to British broadcaster BBC with a video. In it, she said she was being held in a villa as a prison. In an attempt to escape, she was allegedly forcibly returned to Dubai in 2018.

Earlier this year, the daughter of the Emir of Dubai said she was doing well. Photos on the Internet showed how they traveled through Europe. However, there are still doubts about the portrayal of her life in freedom and self-determination.

An ex-wife of the emir also fled to London and fought a custody battle there. Princess Haja stated that she had received death threats in Dubai. Earlier this year, the London Supreme Court awarded her sole custody of their children.

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