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Successor to Daniel Craig
James Bond producer reveals details about new 007

In “No Time to Die” Daniel Craig played James Bond 007 for the last time. There is much speculation about who will be his successor. Producer Michael G. Wilson revealed at least one small detail on the sidelines of an anniversary event.

James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli announced in a June 2022 interview that she wanted to “reinvent” the James Bond character. She did not give specific details. According to media reports, her colleague Michael G. Wilson has now revealed at least one small detail about Daniel Craig’s successor. Those under 30 must bury their hopes for the coveted role and thus also one of the possible candidates.

“We’ve tried to look at younger people in the past. But trying to imagine that doesn’t work,” Wilson said, according to media reports, on the sidelines of an event to mark the first Bond’s 60th anniversary. movie “Dr. Nee”. “Remember, Remember, Bond is already a veteran. He’s got quite a bit of experience. He’s a guy who’s been through all the wars, so to speak. He was probably in the SAS or something. He’s not a high school student. Just get in the role set and ready to go, so the role is suitable for someone in their mid-30s,” he continued.

Daniel Craig was 38 when he first played James Bond in 2006. It wouldn’t look too good for actor Tom Hardy, who is being traded in as a possible candidate. At 45, he falls into the mid-thirties category.

And the young actor Tom Holland (26) has to bury his hopes for the role of the British agent for now, because the young actor thought it was a good idea to be the 007 screen hero: “As a young Brit who loves the cinema, I would like to be James Bond. So, you know, I’m just going to say that now. I look pretty good in a suit,” he told Variety.

Wilson stressed that a casting for James Bond 007 has not yet begun “regardless of what others say”. According to Broccoli, it will take at least two years before filming starts, because “reinventing” James Bond takes time.

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