New on Steam – Bombergrounds: Reborn is Bomberman up to speed with a catch

New on Steam – Bombergrounds: Reborn is Bomberman up to speed with a catch

from Jonathan Harsh
Those who miss the good old Bomberman games now have an alternative with Bombergrounds: Reborn. However, many players do not agree with the release and the type of revenue.

The Bomberman franchise may still be around, but it’s long past its prime. Studio Gigantic Duck Games wants to literally breathe new life into the genre with their new game Bombergrounds: Reborn. And the title is even free to play.

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Bombergrounds: Reborn – players run through colorful arenas trying to blow each other up. Bombs can be placed and moved for this. Unfortunately, if you get caught in an explosion, you’ll have to leave the battlefield. As is customary in a battle royale, the player (or team) remaining at the end wins.

Here’s what the developers of Gigantic Duck Games promise:

  • 15 animals with unique abilities
  • 4 unique game modes and more to come
  • Battle Royale Online Multiplayer
  • Unlockable cosmetics and emotes

Bombergrounds: Reborn is basically an update for Bombergrounds: Battle Royale

As the name of Bombergrounds: Reborn suggests, the game is based on an existing title, Bombergrounds: Battle Royale. So Reborn is more of an update than a standalone game, and many users disagree.

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It’s immediately noticeable that Bombergrounds: Reborn has a 90 percent approval rating (very positive), but the ratings over the past 30 days were only 49 percent positive (balanced). The reason could be that microtransactions and gacha mechanics made their way into the game with the update. Some users accuse the game of pay-to-win, and others suspect that Reborn is meant to capitalize on its predecessor’s good reviews and was therefore not released separately. At least everyone can form their own opinion without paying a cent for it.

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