New MMORPG for PC, Playstation and Xbox wanted to be released in 2022

Chrono Odyssey is an upcoming MMORPG with a Sci-Fi and Fantasy setting. It will be released for PC, mobile, PS4/PS5 and Xbox. The developers announced the release for 2022, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anymore.

In 2020, a beautiful looking trailer raised great hopes among MMORPG fans and especially console gamers. Chrono Odyssey convinces with impressively realistic graphics.

Korean development studio NPIXEL states that the MMORPG will appear on almost all platforms (PC, iOS, Android, PS4/PS5 and Xbox) and will have a custom user interface.

What kind of game is this? Chrono Odyssey throws you into a mix of science fiction and fantasy. Within the story, you are a member of the special unit “Idraiginn” and must wage war against the gods.

Presumably it will have an open world for you to explore. The detailed graphics should make this a special experience. The characters also look like real actors at first glance.

What other content does it offer? There is currently little information about the gameplay. However, trailers and screenshots show some features:

  • In PvE, you fight huge boss monsters
  • PvP battles where you take on empire against empire
  • salvages
  • Various weapons, such as sword and shield, bow, ax and magic
  • Various weather situations and day/night cycle

It is also confirmed that Chrono Odyssey must rely on a dedicated task system. As with Final Fantasy XIV, you may find yourself constantly switching back and forth between these lanes.

In addition to the MMORPG, there will also be comics, novels and a series set in the universe. So the developers are planning a bigger project.

When is Chrono Odyssey coming out? NPIXEL has announced the release for 2022. Early access was supposed to start as early as 2021, but it didn’t happen. There is currently no information regarding the release of the MMORPG. Earlier information, which is almost a year old, says the game will release this year.

So there is hope, but a postponement of the release date is also to be expected, as the developers have not commented for a long time. MeinMMO editor and MMORPG expert Alexander Leitsch thinks a 2023 release is realistic. We also don’t know yet if it will be released for all platforms at the same time, or if the console version will be playable at a later date.

What do you think of the MMORPG? Do you think it will come out this year? Want to play Chrono Odyssey when it comes out? Which platform do you use for this? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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