New MMORPG Appears in Unreal Engine 5

War of Dragnorox is a new indie MMORPG for the PC that mainly focuses on PvE content. The special highlight, however, lies in special “dungeon masters” who can independently start events and intervene in the gameplay. In addition, the game completely dispenses with a store.

What is this MMORPG? War of Dragnorox describes itself as an “old school sandbox MMORPG” with a clear focus on PvE. In the beginning there should be an open world with 30 areas, dangerous monsters and 19 different raids. Good endgame content is especially important for the developers.

They also emphasize that their game world should be very dynamic:

  • No day or dungeon run should feel like the last. The reason for this is the dungeon master, which is an integral part of the development team.
  • He can activate special events, quests or monsters.
  • He must influence the currently available resources.
  • He can open and close hidden passages in rooms.
  • In addition, holiday events and spontaneous attacks on cities are already being planned.

Aside from the Dungeon Masters, the MMORPG relies on traditional values. There are 7 classes and the battle system relies on tab targeting, although the developers emphasized in July 2022 that it has now become significantly more dynamic.

When it comes to gear, the game is based on EverQuest. So there won’t be a general Gearscore, but the different attributes and bonuses on the gear play a big role. This should keep any raids or boss drops interesting.

Get a glimpse of the game in this 11-minute trailer from December 2021, which also shows early pre-alpha gameplay:

War of Dragonorox – Announcement Trailer

Game appears in Unreal Engine 5, promises battles for cities

What has happened since the announcement? In December 2021, War of Dragnorox was presented to the public. Since then, the developers have been talking about various tweaks with new blog posts and interviews.

A big innovation was the switch to Unreal Engine 5 in August 2022. This should make the MMORPG run smoother and look nicer than in the first trailer.

In July, the developers revised the death system. There should be a new kind of revival now. Overall, War of Dragonox is meant to be brutal but fair when it comes to death. More details will follow later.

In addition, the sieges were presented. Cities are being fought over, which have a PvP component in addition to the PvE content. Here were shown pictures of siege towers and fortress walls.

What else do we know? There should be magic in War of Dragnorox, but it doesn’t play that big of a role. There should be no classic fireballs or explosions. The classes rely on poisons or potions to deal DotS (damage over time) to enemies. The Shadow Renderer can also use shadows to summon elementals, while the Chloromancer takes magic from nature.

There will be a crafting system that consists of collecting resources and converting them on workbenches. The MMORPG relies on professions that can be learned and improved.

In addition, the game’s user interface should be very minimalistic. For example, damage figures and a minimap are omitted.

Game completely takes care of shop and crowdfunding

How is the game funded? War of Dragnorox uses a subscription model that costs $9.99 per month. However, this $9.99 is all you can and should invest in the game.

  • There will be no in-game store, no XP boosters, and no buyable cosmetics. All skins are intended to be obtained through play only.
  • There will be no crowdfunding packages.
  • Entry to Alpha and Beta will be raffled.

What about beta events and release? You can already register for a beta on the official website. However, it is not known when exactly this will start.

War of Dragnorox is slated for release in Q3 2023.

What do you think of the MMORPG? Are you looking at the title at release or are you waiting for another game? Feel free to write it in the comments.

The next new MMORPG will be released on October 15th. You can find out what’s behind Embers Adrift here: a new PvE MMORPG will be released in 2022 – it will be an absolute niche game with a very special appeal.

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