New game on Steam gets only 7% positive reviews, mostly negative: “Is this a joke?”

On October 7, the SuperPower 3 simulation was released on Steam. However, the new game from GolemLabs (The Guild 3) is not well received there. The previous 679 reviews are 93% negative. The list of problems is quite long.

What kind of game is this? SuperPower 3 is the latest installment in the game series and caused quite a stir when it was announced in 2021. After all, almost 18 years have passed since the release of Part 2 in 2004. As a result, many players looked forward to a sequel and eagerly awaited it.

SuperPower 3 should put a lot of emphasis on realism, depth and chic graphics. You simulate the entire Earth with a total of 194 playable nations and make military, diplomatic and economic decisions. Ultimately, you could theoretically rule the entire world, both in single and multiplayer.

What’s the problem? The launch on Steam was anything but good. Players complain about technical and content issues. Many are disappointed because their expectations of the game series were not fulfilled in the beginning.

Currently, the game is in the worst games on Steam with only 7% positive ratings. Those games include eFootball, which was torn up on Steam in late 2021.

SuperPower 3 – Announcement Trailer

“A game in Alpha or at most in Early Access”

What are the players criticizing?

  • An introduction and a good tutorial should be missing.
  • Gameplay is meant to be content-less and would be dominated by sliders. Plus, it should get slower and slower as you spend more time in the game.
  • The world is supposed to look nice, but it’s pretty empty and somehow nothing ever happens.
  • It is said that there are many bugs and slowdowns even on powerful PCs.
  • Some graphics and icons should just be missing.
  • The AI ​​would be one of the slowest and worst ever.

User Voltan also criticizes that “50% of the content of part 2 is missing” and that everything feels “just empty”. CYKAbIYAT asks in its review if the game is a “joke”. Overall, the main lack of depth was what was advertised as a core feature for the game.

Our GameStar colleagues weren’t impressed with the game either: I’ve never seen a strategy game like Superpower 3.

Are there any positives? Yes, the music, the trading system and the world map itself deserve praise. The character editor needs to be worked out with a lot of love and in great detail.

But in general, almost all players come to the conclusion that SuperPower 3 is currently more in an alpha or early access. A finished release version should look different.

What are the player numbers? Exactly on release day, 1,343 players were playing on Steam at the same time. Just 24 hours later, the peak was only 265. As of October 9, only 121 players were logged in at one time.

What do you think of SuperPower 3? Are you looking forward to the game or didn’t even notice the release?

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