New Free2Play Shooter On Steam Inspires Players: “Best Free CoD Alternative”

On September 8, 2022, Shatterline, a new shooter, was released on Steam (PC). Since its release, more than 21,000 players have played simultaneously and praise the Free2Play game. MeinMMO introduces you to the new shooter.

What is this shooter? Ukrainian indie studio Frag Lab has released Shatterline in Early Access on Steam. The shooter is roughly based on classics such as Call of Duty and also offers its own elements such as a co-op mode.

Shatterline is currently still under development, so not all content is available yet. The developers also note that the game is constantly being worked on and new features will be added later. But mistakes cannot be ruled out.

Shatterline is already a huge hit for fans. The game has 75% positive reviews on Steam and many players are calling it a better free alternative to Call of Duty – or an ideal pastime in anticipation of the upcoming CoD: Modern Warfare 2.

Here’s Shatterline Early Access gameplay:

Shatterline: Early Access Gameplay for the New Free2Play Shooter on Steam

What Shatterline offers: At its core, Shatterline is an arena shooter with a roguelike co-op mode (“Expedition”) and several maps with 4 PvP modes familiar from the shooter genre:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • “Conquest”
  • “Plant-the-Bomb” (search and destroy, see Counter-Strike)
  • escort

For the game modes, you have 8 playable characters (“operators”) of different origin, equipped with different skills and equipment items. However, the gear can be customized in-game and partly created using a crafting system.

There is also a German – and of course we have the madman with crystals in his head…

In addition, Shatterline offers a selection of 25 weapons that you can switch with attachments, similar to the gunsmith from Call of Duty.

You can download Shatterline for free on Steam, the download is only about 19.2 GB, making it lighter than traditional Call of Duty. The game is funded through a store where you can buy cosmetics for premium currency.

75% Positive on Steam: “Everything is currently missing in CoD”

This is how Shatterline arrives: Since its release, over 21,000 players have played Shatterline simultaneously and the average is over 11,000 (via steamcharts). The players praise the firefight and the range, among other things. Compared to current AAA shooters, it’s right to the point. Steam user Pim extensively discusses positive and negative points in his review.

Balancing is okay, even if there is one skill that seems too strong, while others are almost useless. However, Shatterline is ideal for playing just a few rounds. Some fans call it the “best free CoD option” (meaning an alternative) that “provides everything currently missing in CoD”.

Meanwhile, there are concerns about monetization in particular. It’s still okay, but in view of the crafting system it could shift in an ugly Pay2Win direction. The developers also need to keep an eye on the balance so as not to get out of hand.

There are also bugs, which is normal for an Early Access title. A player notes that Shatterline displays the full name and hometown. However, given the many positive reviews, it is difficult to confirm whether this is really a problem.

Have you tried Shatterline yet? What is your opinion about the game? Tell us in the comments!

If you’re looking for another free alternative, check out Overwatch 2. Blizzard’s big shooter title was released on October 4 and already impressed us in the preliminary test:

2 hours in Overwatch 2 is enough to show me what I have loved about this game for 6 years

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