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I had a few days ago Demon Throttle in the mail. This is a somewhat special video game because it is exclusively physically available. Decorated on the back: ONLY AS A BOX. NEVER DIGITAL. Who else but Devolver Digital should have chosen this outdated form of distribution today.

I’m a big believer in physical releases. It’s not that I want to disprove the arguments of just digital fans. Digital collection has its advantages. It saves space and is good for the environment. But it also has some drawbacks. I like to collect physically.

I don’t want to say I do never digital buy On the one hand, I naturally buy digital games that are only available digitally. On the other hand, I also grab something in a sale or like to have a game digitally on a handheld that I often play in between. Last but not least, I am now the proud (and very happy) owner of a Steam Deck and have no other choice.

After the announcement, Demon Throttle was initially available exclusively from Special Reserve Games and recently got a new edition in general stores. What hasn’t changed is that the print run will probably be quite small given its niche nature. The number of Switch collectors will one day be quite large given the hardware base. And it is only physical available.

Then she grabbed me FOMO.

It’s the mix that counts

But is that cool? Not really. Of course, proponents of the romantic game board celebrate the demise of Stadia and smugly comment on the next e-store closing every few years. So much for “the future” – no, the drive and the module, they stay. For you the kingdom of the video game and the haptics and the glory is forever. Amen.

How uncool a physical release is will only become clear in 20 years. When our children want to play the Suikodens of our time and realize that this is not possible for less than 100 euros and with original hardware. No one can want such nonsense as Super Mario 3D All-Stars. It’s good if games are available digitally and ideally stay that way. And whether it is through ports. The mix makes all the difference and we would do well to take advantage of the digital possibilities.

I don’t know if this is some sort of Devolver Digital social experiment, or if they just wanted to do something different. Anyway, Demon Throttle got me thinking a bit and reminded me that as much as I love physical games, digital has its perks too. And at best, both co-exist.

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