Multiple dead after shooting at Walmart supermarket in the United States

Updated on 11/23/2022 at 11:25 AM

  • A few days before Thanksgiving, a new gun incident shocked people in the United States.
  • A gunman killed several people at a Walmart supermarket in Virginia.
  • The attacker himself is now dead.

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Several people were killed and injured by gunfire in a violent incident at a convenience store in Chesapeake, Virginia. The government of the city on the east coast announced this on Twitter late in the evening (local time) on Tuesday.

The alleged shooter also died. According to current knowledge, there are fewer than ten dead, a police spokesman told journalists on Wednesday evening. According to media reports, at least five injured people have been taken to hospitals. Initially nothing was known about the background.

According to a police spokesman, it is a single shooter. Detectives searched the supermarket and secured the area, the police representative said. Images showed that a large police force was on the scene.

Gun incident two days before Thanksgiving

The incident happened two days before Thanksgiving, when many people were shopping for the all-important Thanksgiving holiday in the US. At 10:12 p.m. (local time), police were alerted to a gunshot at a Walmart supercenter, police spokesman Leo Kosinski said. Upon entering the building, officials found “several dead and several injured”. It’s a very big business, the search for other possible victims is still ongoing. Photos and videos showed dozens of police cars and ambulances in front of the mall.

“It’s sad. We’re a few days before Thanksgiving. It’s a difficult time for everyone involved, especially the victims. It’s terrible,” Kosinski added. “Thank God I was late,” a night shift worker told local broadcaster WAVY TV. “We are shocked by this tragic event,” retail giant Walmart said in a statement. The company works closely with the police.

Last weekend, five people were killed and 18 others injured in a shooting at a gay, lesbian, and transgender nightclub in Colorado.

The US has long struggled with mass gun violence. Firearms are often readily available in the country. According to the latest data from the health authority CDC, about 20,000 people were shot in the US alone in 2020 – more than 50 a day.

Chesapeake has about 250,000 inhabitants and is located on the east coast of the US. (mgb/pak/dpa/AFP)

An assailant shot dead five people and wounded 25 at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub on Saturday. Two visitors overpowered the perpetrator. A survivor now talks about the traumatic moments.

teaser image: © Uncredited/WAVY-TV 10/AP/dpa

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