Mourning at “Hartz und Herzen”: Lisa-Marie (16) is dead!

Fans are in shock

Mourning at “Hartz und Herzen”: Lisa-Marie (16) is dead!

Great sadness for Lisa Marie


Great sadness at “Hartz and Warm”! The 16-year-old Lisa-Marie has died. The daughter of Marina and Florian has died suddenly and unexpectedly, RTL2 reports via Instagram. The fans can’t believe it and are in shock. The exact cause of death is not known.

RTL2 announces the sad death of the 16-year-old

A few hours ago, the terrible news reached RTL2. The broadcaster writes on Insta: “We were shocked to learn from Mannheim today that Lisa-Marie from Hartz and heartily passed away unexpectedly. Our deepest condolences go out to her parents Marina and Florian and her brothers and sisters. We wish the family strength and support in these difficult times.

The fans can hardly believe this sad news. The viewers of the show are completely blown away by the sudden death of the Mannheim teenager.

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Many expressed their condolences under the Instagram post: “I am deeply touched. What a bitter and incredible pain this loss must be for the parents. Unbelievable, just taken from her life at such a young age. She still had so much to do.” Fans keep writing, “Such a young girl, how can something like this happen, she had her whole life ahead of her.”

We also extend our deepest condolences to the family and wish them a lot of strength. (m.s.u.)

Reading Tip: In the past, fans have mourned other cast members. Dagmar, Kowalski and Gudrun have now said goodbye.

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