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Moritz Bleibtreu SO in love – and everyone should see it!

Love suits him well.

Moritz Bleibtreu (51) is one of Germany’s biggest movie stars – and one of the most secretive. Spicy details about his private life? puff pastry cake. The star of “Faking Hitler” does not even post personal insights on his Instagram profile. Strictly speaking, there is an ebb in photo technology on Bleibtreu’s Instagram with zero posts.

All the more amazed – and delighted – the actor’s current story: A snapshot of Moritz with his beautiful wife Saskia de Tschaschell (31) beaming into the camera.

Dream couple: Moritz and his Saskia

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In the photo, the couple is standing in a romantically lit alley, both are wearing casual clothes and their skin is tanned. Are the newly married duo on love vacation? Who knows. Moritz Bleibtreu does not reveal where the selfie of the romantic couple was taken.

And frankly, he doesn’t even need to. Because the really important message of the photo is this: we are happy and doing well with ourselves – and everyone is welcome to see that!

The wedding? Movie stars and bottles of beer

Only in Julia Moritz Bleibtreu and his Saskia said YES to each other. The two had been together for about two years. Just a few months before their wedding, the couple had made their love public at the premiere of the series “Faking Hitler” in Berlin. ER then grinned, “I’m very forgiven and very happy.”

The elite of German cinema came to celebrate, including actors Wotan Wilke Möhring (55), Uwe Ochsenknecht (66) with his wife Kiki (48) and Bleibtreu’s “Knockin’ on heavens door” colleague Til Schweiger (58).

So cool: the bride and groom toast to their yes word with bottles of beer

So cool: the bride and groom toast to their yes word with bottles of beer

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Wonderfully personal: The wedding party in quiet Reinbek (southeast of Hamburg, 25,000 inhabitants) was surprisingly sober. No fancy limousines, no barriers – and after the wedding there was a bottle of “Peroni” beer for the bride and groom.

SHE makes him SO happy

And SHE is the woman on the actor’s side: Saskia de Tschaschell, businesswoman at a major oil company, athletic, six-lingual (speaks Norwegian and Dutch, among others).

Your greatest talent? Saskia makes her Moritz shine – the actor has rarely looked so happy!

A kiss seals their love

A kiss seals their love

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