More corona-positive patients in the district clinic than ever before

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From: Thomas Steinhardt


The district hospital in Fürstenfeldbruck. © Weber

The district of Fürstenfeldbruck currently has the highest corona incidence in all of Bavaria. This situation is massively reflected in the community clinic: The situation is problematic.

Fürstenfeldbruck – According to the RKI, the incidence in the Bruck region is 1333. The sad Bavarian top trio also includes the Ebersberg and Dachau districts with 1265 and 1206 respectively. They are all located in the Munich metropolitan area, where the Oktoberfest just ended. In line with this development, more corona-positive patients are currently being treated at the Brucker District Clinic than ever before.

Exceeded previous peak

On Friday, 40 corona-positive patients were in the normal ward, three patients were treated in intensive care, two of which were on a ventilator. A spokeswoman for the clinic reported this on request. These numbers even surpassed the previous record ever. “That’s why we have to accommodate the patients in a total of three wards (plus intensive care),” explains the spokeswoman.

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The occupation in the district clinic is also high for other reasons. In addition, there is an exceptionally high absenteeism rate among the staff, but that is not only due to corona infections. “That’s why we already canceled all operations on Wednesday that could be scheduled until next Monday.”

Logged out of the control room due to overload

The situation in the surrounding hospitals is similar. “That’s why we also have an above-average number of patients in the central emergency room,” said the spokeswoman. “All in all, the situation is so tense that our house has to be checked out at the rescue center at the weekend. Only the obstetrics is not affected.”

The knowledge that was recently mentioned in the district council still applies: the vast majority of patients (almost 90 percent) are in the clinic with corona and not because of it. “For the majority of patients, corona is a side effect,” says the spokeswoman. However, these patients still represent a major organizational burden, as the effort regarding the necessary and prescribed hygiene and isolation measures is always the same, regardless of whether the people come to the hospital “through or with” Corona. In addition: Corona infections can negatively affect the course of other diseases, emphasized the medical director of the district clinic in the district council. All in all, everything is not yet in sight, the hospital spokeswoman says: “We expect a further upward trend.”

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