May I invite you to our new think tank? Reluctantly!

Updated 11/15/2022 6:56 AM

Today this week’s review begins with an angry plea against the left-green filthy Cancel Culture Phrenesis, which these days pours itself so smoothly on righteous fighters for free speech as powdered sugar on doughnuts. As intoxicated by ÖRR-fuelled waking maniacs and so-called journalists from the numerous leading media who have been held hostage by the mainstream and propaganda controlled by the Federal Press Service, they roam the streets of the commentary columns with their pitchforks of anti-libertarian outrage.

This column represents Marie von den Benken’s point of view. Discover how our editors deal with opinions in texts.

Participants in the discourse who do not uncritically and militarily follow the Baerbock agenda are immediately condemned as “Nazis” by the work-shy e-driver tribunal. Without any cognitive genius and sometimes even by some kind of left-wing bubble mob, impeccable masterminds are placed in the right corner. That’s what happened this week Dieter Nur. The intellectual aristocrat many for whom Richard David Precht the pre-evening comedy had only talked about “a powerful little elite” who would control Germany for some kind of symposium celebrating congruent mainstream paranoia neuroses. Well, these are numbers for anti-Semitism, for the rattling of secret, dubious “elites” at the indirect control sticks of the world, scarcely surpassable in terms of uncreativity and nonsense, is as old as it is tiresome. And the everyday favorite vocabulary of conspiracy theorists and proponents of the legend of an imminent New World Order.

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Assembly line work in the think tank

However, it is not left-wing comedians, ÖRR puppets or SPD or green politicians who use this problematic vocabulary, but the protagonists of a new think tank for worn-out ex-ministers, intellectually selected pseudo-journalists or 1950s content-trapped pranksters for geography teachers, who Mario Bart is too shrill. And of course they have – you have to be honest – the really original propositions to save the world. They say something like this: The Woko Haram clique manipulates us and wants to make us willing sleeping sheep of the BRD Diktatur GmbH with the tools for fear of too many unpleasant consequences of the alleged man-made climate change.

Precisely because Dieter Nuhr uses a few anti-Semitic stories there in his intellectual hideout among like-minded people, the anti-Semitism alarm is immediately raised again by the do-gooder faction of the old Merkelist cadres on the left. The people who are largely funded by barbaric compulsory contributions even become outraged at a renowned top freedom journalist like Anna Schneider just because she publishes eight columns every day, always saying the same thing, only illustrated with always different, self-orchestrated examples and so in any case good for 1,400 responses from mostly right-wing extremist and anti-Semitic quality readers.

In the meantime – you have to imagine – someone like Mrs Schneider should be criticized for thinking everyone on the left is stupid (except for Sahra Wagenknecht), the SPD, the Greens anyway and recently somehow also the CDU . And actually also the FDP. At least Gerhart Baum’s FDP, Christian Lindner’s maybe not so much, but definitely more than before the federal election. What then remains of parties in the Bundestag, which are then probably classified as good and suitable, can then easily be calculated by anyone. She also thinks it’s stupid that leftists think Dieter Nuhr is stupid, because Dieter Nuhr seems very smart in principle. Well, except when he speaks in public. But in private he would be very… well, never mind.

In any case, I find it unbearable that a free-spirited universal prophet like Nuhr should only regularly talk about something that is no longer allowed to be talked about today in his own old man’s joke variety show named after him, written and performed by him. Hardly with “Lanz”, rarely with “Hart aber Fair”, almost non-existent with “3 nach 9” – and not even a successful podcast of its own. Dieter Nuhr is coldly canceled by the system media because of his critical attitude. Harassing Ms. Schneider for dissecting these ghastly machinations of the Woke mafia in months of detailed research and dissecting them in a language-damaging manner is the nail in the coffin of freedom of speech. In any case, freedom of speech, where any right-wing lunatic in the media can rant after racist or anti-Semitic swear words that he would be stripped of his freedom of speech whenever he is subjected to mass criticism of his ‘opinions’. that have been growing for decades past their best-before date. Anyone who criticizes my opinion called me a Nazi.

Similar dynamics can be observed in the field of climate change. Legal interpretive media, journalists and, well, public figures have unleashed a trench war over whether Elon Musk is an impeccable messiah, or may have fallen out with Twitter. People are elated about the misshapen freedom bubble, because they quickly realized how easily one can expand one’s own agenda, which is always the same anyway, by discussing the new Musk Twitter on the social media battlefield. Twitter or society – the mantra-like outrage reflexes unpacked at every opportunity gasp and gasp for the whole “let us say that” keyboard. From freedom of speech to “The market will handle it” to censorship and envy. This low-threshold and sometimes sleep-inducingly predictable agony is understandable, because with dramatically falling circulations and earnings, the enemy’s own cliché and image performance in the clickbait jungle of disinformation has become a basis for survival.

Not taken the road

In the fact-free fear struggle for survival, some media outlets consistently rely on glorifying Elon Musk. Anti-Semitic streaks, escapades under labor law (remember? Dieter Nuhr? Coincidence or numbers?), management chaos and squire-style business management – ​​it doesn’t matter, you can turn a blind eye. Not surprising since the media, which used to internally choreograph and steer public opinion in a certain direction, now had to reorient itself after a remarkable series of absolute misjudgments. At the crossroads between serious, objective journalism and clicks from a deep brown melange of lateral thinkers, those allergic to science, haters of the Greens, AfD sympathizers, enemies of democracy, dictatorship feuds, ÖRR despisers and misogynistic commentary column rambos, they decided on the latter. This happened – so that there would be no anecdotal romance from the confused snowflake – with open eyes and full intention.

You have to serve this clientele and that is why you put everything back on one card. The alleged Joker Elon Musk. You let him get away with everything. After all those years in which you, from Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg to Armin Laschet, consistently bet on the wrong horse and then also ride backwards, you just have to take another hit at some point. A world star with an unparalleled, flawless career that has not risen from the morass of the awakened madmen. The phoenix from the libertarian ashes.

Well, brand safety is also theoretically part of a successful concept – at least if you have to finance it almost exclusively through advertising. When in doubt, blame everything on the moralists of the left-green dirty Cancel Culture Mob, that is not seen as a problem, but as funny. Large companies and global companies, which have now developed a reasonably good sensor for hate speech, racism, sexism and anti-Semitism, apparently see it differently (for Musk and Axel Springer Verlag). It has since been leaked that the focus on reach at any price does not come without a receipt. You know how bad it can hurt your own brand if you let yourself get carried away by a kind of laissez-faire attitude. So it will be an exciting battle between the geniuses from the think tank and the carnival leftists, who only want to put someone from the supposedly other camp in their place with the help of their fellow mobs. And then to win the overall victory, sometimes without annoying facts. Is that going to work? I’ll tell you here next week.

Media: Musk does not rule out bankruptcy of Twitter

Elon Musk does not rule out that Twitter will go bankrupt in 2023. According to media reports, the new boss of the short message service made the correct statement to employees. Musk himself initially did not comment.

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