Masked Singer: Walrus Waltraut starred in a sex movie entertainment

Nobody thought of YOU.

Round 2 at “The Masked Singer”! After the broccoli as moderator Katja Burkard (57) was unmasked last Saturday, the judges again racked their heads this week. In addition to the permanent jury member Ruth Moschner (46), comedian Carolin Kebekus (42) and rapper Eko Fresh (39) were allowed to take place in the council chairman this week.

While the werewolf once again spread fear and terror and the robot “No Name” was still waiting to finally be given the right name, Waltraut Walross unfolded her secret passion in the indirect film: “If only I didn’t have all the time Opdi had to to think… Opdi, I look forward to seeing you!”

The werewolf sneaked into the jury

Photo: photo alliance/dpa

As the cashier of the “Walkauf”, the walrus then performed “What you wait for” by Gwen Stefani (53) and revealed an organ that didn’t always strike the right chord. However, Eko Fresh insisted on making a joke: “So you’re the one who dares to go into the woods?”

Ruth Moschner already had a premonition of what might happen: “You could be the big surprise of the show.” Her first tip: Political Talk presenter Sandra Maischberger (56). Eko even sensed a jungle candidate behind the huge tusks: “I think that’s my fellow actress. This is Tina Ruland. I mean, she was seen at a cash register.”

Carolin Kebekus was amazed: “I have no idea.”

The spectators decided not to send the charming pink-haired walrus to the next round – Waltraut had to take off her mask. Kebekus felt uneasy: “I think it’s going to be really bad for us. We said it during the break: we know this voice. It’s going to be incredibly embarrassing, I think.”

Moschner did a quick investigation during the break and retracted her first tip: “Sandra Maischberger is clearly somewhere else on TV. So it is not.” She now tapped actress Beatrice Richter (73). Eko Fresh stayed with actress Tina Ruland and immediately had Carolin Kebekus by his side: “That would also fit. There is a new ‘Manta, Manta’ film I think.”

When the walrus finally took its huge head off, the jury couldn’t believe their eyes: Jutta Speidel (68) suddenly came out from under the mask. The actress is known for both the raunchy film Schoolgirl Report and a nun in the series For Heaven’s Sake.

Jutta Speidel crawled out of the walrus

Jutta Speidel crawled out of the walrus

Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa

Getting her into “The Masked Singer” wasn’t easy, though, as she reported, “How they approached me and I just thought, is it still possible? How did you come up with such a crazy idea?”

She did not regret for a second that she was persuaded, but she was sorry that she was no longer allowed to please moderator Matthias Opdenhövel (52) with her next songs: “I had already rehearsed two such beautiful love songs. you sang!”

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