Mask requirement in Germany: No more discrimination

Mask requirement in Germany: No more discrimination

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Autumn is approaching, the corona figures are rising again, and Germany has double standards. Because the fighters Karl Lauterbach and Marco Buschman, One health minister, the other justice minister, although they are in the same government but represent opposing pandemic concepts, they have as a “compromise” messy rules These have been in effect since the weekend and are bringing tens of thousands of people into trouble of conscience, loneliness and frustration.


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The stumbling block is the obligation to wear masks and tests in the new Infection Protection Act: While FDP pioneer Buschmann has ensured that most restrictions in shops and public spaces remain lifted, SPD man Lauterbach has enforced tightened mask requirements on rail and local transport, in medical practices and at home: Everyone must now wear one. to wear. FFP2 mask wear, the more comfortable medical masks are no longer tolerated. That may make sense when visiting a doctor, but on the train it is quite understandable. But what did the traffic light government tell residents and staff? nursing homes and homes for the disabled is an impudence. She claims she wants to give these people special protection, but in fact she punishes them.

Every citizen can now protect themselves through vaccination against the worst consequences of the corona virus, including the elderly, the sick and the disabled. In most homes, the institution-related vaccination obligation also applies. Nevertheless, Lauterbach and Buschmann condemn both workers and residents of houses to now always wear a mask outside their own room – even during therapies, including in common areas, including in workshops.

The industry is fighting the new rules. “The mask requirement is a massive violation of the right to self-determination and social participation of the people involved,” he said. ursel wolfgram, Chairman of the board of the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband VdK in Baden-Württemberg. “Seniors in nursing homes, day care and disabled people who live in special housing, work in a workplace or attend a support group will be required to wear an FFP2 mask for a maximum of 16 hours a day from October. This law stigmatizes certain groups of people as vulnerable and excluded from social life.”

Jorn Fuchs, Managing Director of the Parity Social Services in Heidelberg, follows the same line: “The mask requirement will lead those affected to withdraw into isolation, many will lose the will to live, as the isolation measures at the beginning of the crisis showed. so far, the facilities are relatively well managed. The corona crisis has come – even without FFP2 masks among the residents. There is data on that, but neither science nor politics are interested.”

Evangelical House Foundation does not consider the stricter mask and testing rules for nursing homes to be feasible at all. “It is completely incomprehensible to me how such a terrible law could have passed the Bundestag and the Bundesrat,” said CEO Bernhard Schneider. “The absurdity of this is unsurpassed: in the party tents the beer-loving people embrace each other without masks, in the nursing homes the residents of the residential group, i.e. in their living and dining room, have to wear an FFP2 mask. Two things are measured.”

You could say it like this: On the one hand, the weakest in society are tamed with overly harsh rules – on the other hand, the revelers at Oktoberfest blow themselves out without a mask and continue unprotected on the regional train, as our correspondent Christof Paulus in Munich reports.

We have been living with Corona for two and a half years now. The virus remains threatening, but has lost its horror. After many lows, panic and confusion, an effective way through the crisis has been found: vaccines protect, medication protects, consideration protects. Therefore, it is high time to treat all people equally instead of discriminating against those who have only a weak voice. Will traffic light ministers ever understand?

At a party on the way home from Oktoberfest, the train gets wild.
At a party on the way home from Oktoberfest, the train gets wild. (Source: Christof Paulus/T-Online images)

How are you?

In Berlin, the chancellor, who has recovered from Covid, meets with the prime ministers. They are negotiating the details of the third aid package: the traffic light government demands that the states contribute 19 billion to the 65 billion euro plan, but has not asked the heads of state for their opinion. This caused a lot of nuisance in Stuttgart, Munich and Düsseldorf. It is therefore still unclear who has to pay for, for example, the successor of the 9-euro ticket. Because the SPD Prime Minister of Lower Saxony Stephen Weil needs a victory for Sunday’s state elections, the fighters are likely to come to an agreement today. When in doubt, the federal government simply incurs even more debt, because the traffic light people have experience with that.

In Strasbourg the European Parliament approves the new directive uniform charging cables for smartphones, tablets and other technical devices. Strange subject you would think, why does the EU have to do with this? Well, because the previous tangle of cables only annoyed consumers, the environment has suffered and the manufacturers have made undue profits. Parliament also discusses the frozen EU billions for Hungary, the protests in Iran and access to water as a human right.

in Luxembourg EU finance and economy ministers discuss the proposal Corona recovery plans “adapt” given the high energy prices. In plain language: Because the states now need the money for gas and oil, there is less left for digitization, schools, climate protection. This is understandable in the short term, but devastating in the long term.

in Stockholm the winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics are announced. At t-online, we will try our best to explain the performance of the recipients.

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