Martin Rütter etches against the RTL show

Martin Rütter was once behind the scenes of “Let’s Dance”. Image: image-images/Future Image/xKremer

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Martin Rütter is actually known for speaking in public mainly about training and raising dogs. He has appeared on television several times, but now also has his own podcast called “Tierisch mensch”.

There he not only talks about dog topics with Katharina Adick, but also about other things in the tip section. In the final episode, he talked about “Let’s Dance” – expressing himself both positively and very negatively.

Martin Rütter is enthusiastic about his visit to the studio

Martin Rütter is mixed about the RTL program “Let’s Dance”. On the one hand, he was live on site last season because his friend Mathias Mester participated, he reported. The “incomprehensible atmosphere” surprised him and he understood what the participants could do. The commercial breaks in particular were “a real experience” on site, because the participants danced with the spectators, Rütter enthuses:

“In every commercial break, the audience goes on the dance floor and just dances there. Even Jorge González dances with the audience there. It was really an experience.”

Dancer Renata Lusin and athlete Mathias Mester at the dance show Let's Dance: THE LIVE TOUR 2022 - The Original - Live.  Intoxicating.  Unforgettable.  at the Lanxess Arena.  Cologne, 06.11.2022 NRW Germany ...

Martin Rütter’s friend Mathias Mester took third place on “Let’s Dance”. Image: IMAGO Images/Panama Pictures

Sharp criticism of the TV version of “Let’s Dance”

The “Let’s Dance” dog trainer had a completely different experience from the television viewer’s perspective, Rütter explains. He’s been watching the show “compulsively” for years because of his 14-year-old daughter Leni – though he only manages to “endure” it “with oh and loud.” Rütter went on to say that the show was so boring that he wanted to die:

“With oh and noisy I manage to put up with it. I find it so boring that I want to die of boredom.”

Martin Ruetter

From this contrast between what happens live and on location and what can be seen on television, Rütter then derived his tip of the week: attending live events. Perhaps the dog trainer also wanted to encourage the team behind “Let’s Dance” to make the show more exciting on television – otherwise he would have to continue to watch the show “compulsively”.

Call to RTL for hate on the net

However, it was not the first time that Martin Rütter made explosive comments about the dance show. It wasn’t until June that he took a public stand after his short friend Mathias Mester had to accept several insults from his participation in the show.

In a video on Instagram, Rütter showed some comments his friend received because of his short stature. For example, one user wrote that Mester’s dance partner would certainly be “happy if she got rid of this cripple” and would “get a hardship allowance from RTL”.

Because the user appeared under her real name, Rütter then investigated her person further. He found out that the hate commentator is a pediatric nurse and offers medical association-certified training for nursing staff. The dog trainer then filed a report and appealed to his audience, many Let’s Dance participants and RTL to take action against hate on the internet.

Günther Jauch is one of the most popular presenters on German television. Since 1996 he has led the show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, but he can also be seen time and again in other RTL programs. These include the formats “Because they don’t know what happens” or “5 against Jauch”, which ran until 2021 and was replaced by “Jauch against …”. In the last edition of the Jauch-Schöneberger-Gottschalk show, the moderator caused surprise with his action against Oliver Pocher. Because after a singing performance by the comedian, Jauch hit his moderation card in the face.

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