Mars halts deliveries to Edeka and Rewe – more than 300 affected products

The food company Mars is taking drastic steps. Deliveries of all products have been suspended. At Edeka and Rewe many shelves are empty.

Dortmund – In some supermarkets, certain shelves may remain empty for the foreseeable future. The American food producer Mars supplies all its products to Rewe and Edeka stop. The company is demanding higher prices from German food retailers. About 300 products from different areas are affected by the delivery stop, RUHR24 said.

food company Mars Incorporated
Chair McLean (US)
Products Chocolate bars, food, beverage, animal feed, plant care products

Mars stops deliveries to Edeka and Rewe – a radical step is noticeable on the shelves

The food industry is also concerned about the currently rising prices. Because now the multinational food company Mars is demanding higher prices from the retail chains to be supplied.

The supermarkets find the requirements incomprehensible, the learners food newspaper from the dealer environment. So far there is no information on how Edeka and Rewe are handling the claims. But now, after Edeka, Mars no longer supplies any of its products to Rewe.

Edeka has been affected by the supply freeze on Mars for three months. Now the group has also interrupted deliveries to the Rewe supermarket. as the food newspaper reported that the camps in the affected areas are already clearly empty. Consumers may have already noticed the gaps in the shelves.

Mars delivery freeze affects numerous products: pet food and groceries

About 300 products are affected. In addition to the well-known chocolate bars such as Snickers and Bounty, Mars also owns numerous other foods and branded pet products. The following overview shows a selection of product brands affected by the delivery stop:

pastry shop Mars, Twix, Snickers, Bounty, M&M’s, Extra, Airwaves, Balisto, Celebrations, MilkyWay, Maltese, HubbaBubba, Skittles
Food Ebly, Miracoli, Ben’s Original, Tasty Bite
pet food Whiskas, Nutro, Frolic, Kitekat, Catsan, Chappi, Natusan, Cesar, Perfect Fit, Dreamies, Pedigree, Thomas, Rayal Canin, Trill, AniCura, Sheba, Crave

Mars delivery freeze to Edeka and Rewe: Supermarkets have a clear opinion in the price debate

Prices in supermarkets are currently about 16.6 percent more expensive than a year earlier. Mars is calling for price increases for the second time this year. The Edeka sister Netto already published a confrontational advertising slogan. The phrase “Don’t feel like Mars moon prices? Then go to Netto!”, further fueling the price debate in the food industry.

Mars’ demands for price increases at Edeka and Rewe provoked similar reactions. as the food newspaper reported, food retailers are clearly against a price increase. Retailers have also been using certain advertising strategies lately to convince consumers of cheaper private label products.

Mars will stop supplying all products to Edeka and Rewe.

© Schöning/Manfred Segerer/Imago; Collage: RUHR24

Mars boss finds price increases justified and criticizes the actions of German retailers

The Mars Group considers the demands for higher prices to be reasonable and necessary. Mars confectionery Carsten Simon told the Lebensmittelzeitung that the price increases were necessary because of rising costs.

He criticizes the harsh refusal to trade, which can only be seen in Germany. It remains to be seen how long the Mars to Edeka and Rewe supply freeze will last.

List of rubrics: © Schöning/Manfred Segerer/Imago; Collage: RUHR24

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