Mark Forster cancels the entire tour for 2023 – his fans thank him

Mark Forster has decided to postpone his tour to 2024.Image: IMAGO images/future image

Carla Hermel

Whether in Kassel, Berlin, the Allgäu or Koblenz: In 2022, Mark Forster performed more often than ever before. He actually had an equally tight schedule planned for next year, but now he’s postponed the tour for a whole year – and was surprisingly honest about it.

As Mark Forster recently announced on Instagram, his arena tour will not take place until 2024. Not to allow speculation in the first place, he made it clear that the presale numbers were good and thus not the cause.

Mark Forster is more interested in “free stuff”

The planning effort, on the other hand, has given him food for thought, as preparations for a February start should now begin. Since Corona “messed up the rhythm”, Forster and his team would have to think about a new show, plan everything and rehearse. The singer explained:

“But listening to myself, I need something else right now. I want to work on new music with a little bit of time. Maybe do a project or two that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Doing things. Not really vacation, but free stuff .”

Because he played so many concerts this year, the spring tour of 2023 would come just too early. Instead, it’s now scheduled to run from March 26 to May 25, 2024 — across 26 cities, four countries, and over two months. The tickets must remain valid, but may also be returned.

In addition, the postponement of the Arena Tour does not mean that he will not perform at all in 2023, Mark Forster made clear. In addition to a stadium concert in Kaiserslautern, there are “a handful of outdoor events” for the summer.

Fans praise Forster for his honesty

Possibly also due to the large size of his shows in 2022, the reactions to the postponement of the tour were more than understanding. Some of his fans were also very grateful for the openness and honesty that Mark Forster showed his audience. In addition, it is an advantage to postpone when you otherwise risk getting a burnout:

“Finally someone who honestly says why he is delaying it. Completely understandable. Fans also notice little of the artist’s burnout.”

Instagram user

Only a few, mainly parents of his fans, complained about it. Several were disappointed, especially because of their plan to give their child a card for Christmas.

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