Mark Forster appears without a cap

Mark Forster has been back on the podium in recent weeks.Image: IMAGO/ Jan Huebner

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Imke Gerriets

Mark Forster is one of the most successful singers in Germany. His albums regularly celebrate high charts. His last album “Musketière” climbed to the second place in the charts. At the moment Mark can also be seen regularly on TV as a coach of “The Voice of Germany”. In the new season, he again tries to win a singing talent from his team. He has failed to do this so far.

Fans can also look forward to new music from the artist. Because, as he now revealed on Instagram, it will be out on October 21. his new single, which is called “Memories & Stories”. A short video that he has now shared on his Instagram profile is now causing a particularly big surprise.

Mark Forster shares a special video with his fans

Since the beginning of his career, Mark Forster has always worn a hat in public. This also has a specific reason, as he once revealed in an interview on the radio program “Das Ding”. Speaking about his song “Selfie”, he said: “I wear the hat because I look cooler in a hat. My hair slowly turns gray, falls out and fades. If I put on a hat in the morning, I have one less problem.”

There are only a few shots that show him without a cap. One is from 2009. In a YouTube video, the 39-year-old can actually be seen with his brown hair. By the way, Mark Forster still called himself Marek at the time.

For his latest Instagram clip, which teased his single, his fans saw him topless again. By the way, Mark said about the recording: “The (so far the most private of all my) videos about it too. With the (really spectacular) single cover, I’ll keep you in suspense a bit. It’s all going to be awesome. Bock?” It is unknown when the video came from. However, it can be assumed that this, like that of 2009, is longer in the past.

At least his community was happy with the post. About 10,000 people have heart-marked the post. A follower was also convinced that Mark would have success with his new track. He responded to the post: “Sounds great, it’s going to be a hit.”

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