Mappes without nerves: VfL saves a point

Gummersbach – VfL Gummersbach again gambled away a clear lead and had to settle for a 36:36 draw against SC DHfK Leipzig – ‘RPP – Ambulatory therapy and rehabilitation center’ and AggerEnergie present the coverage of VfL Gummersbach.

By Peter Notbohm

VfL Gummersbach – SC DHfK Leipzig 36:36 (21:19).

Not only VfL coach Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson was lost in thought at the press conference after the home game against SC DHfK Leipzig, his handball players also had to process 60 intensive minutes and decide how to evaluate this 36:36 draw.


[“Mit dem Saisonstart können wir als Aufsteiger zufrieden sein, als Spieler hätte ich aber gerne jedes Spiel gewonnen”, fasst Tom Jansen die 9:5-Auftaktpunkte zusammen.]

The most analytical approach was found by Dominik Mappes, who ended a dramatic final phase with his tenth goal. “We have to take a good look at ourselves. We still don’t understand that if you lead like this, you should go deeper and not shoot cans. I hope we understand that in the coming weeks,” he said after Gummersbach gave away a clear lead for the second time this season.

In general, however, all Gummersbachers spoke of an important counter. “A point against a team like Leipzig doesn’t make me unhappy,” Sigurdsson said after the game, but also admitted with mixed feelings: “In 42 minutes we will be doing extremely well in terms of pace and scoring 36 goals in total. very satisfied with what we offer. But we have to be more consistent and realize that our mistakes will be punished even more severely than in the second division.”

[An Tibor Ivanisevic (9 Paraden) und Fabian Norsten (5 Paraden) lagen die 36 Gegentore nicht. Auch die beiden Leipziger Keeper kamen auf zwölf abgewehrte Bälle.]

The game started with a bang. The two goalkeepers Tibor Ivanisevic and Mohamed El-Tayar immediately distinguished themselves with two saves in the opening minutes. Leipzig started slightly better until 3:5 (7th). Gummersbacher, who was excited about playing, countered to make 7:5 (10th), forcing DhfK coach André Haber to take his first time-out.

The pace remained high after that, both teams could hardly distinguish themselves defensively, the goals kept coming every minute. Over 8:8 (16th), Tibor Ivanisevic became more and more a factor: after the Serb’s sixth save, Stepan Zeman restored the old two-goal lead, which lasted until 14:12 (23rd). Meanwhile, Ole Pregler was in the game for Julian Köster, who was unlucky today, and he harmonized strongly with Dominik Mappes until half-time.

[Nachdem er bereits am Samstag elf Tore in der 3. Liga gemacht hatte, ließ Finn Schroven auch in der Bundesliga sein Talent aufblitzen.]

The 19-year-old Finn Schroven also surprised before halftime with three goals. “He’s a lot of fun to watch,” Sigurdsson said. The promised one, however, remained modest: “If you can collect a few minutes in the 1st class, that is great. I am happy with my development, but I always hope that Tom Jansen and Nemanja Zelenovic are fit again.” Sigurdsson also admits mistakes to the young talent: “I probably made 15 mistakes today, he only one.” around the homegrown player scored the 16:14 (27th minute) on their own axis, and Gummersbach also led at halftime with two goals. Until now, the hosts had no control over the opponent’s rotational play over the muscular Maciej Gebala.

After the break, Sigurdsson surprised with two substitutions. Hakon Styrmisson and Fabian Norsten replaced Kodrin and Ivanisevic, who were certainly not bad. Both should ignite immediately: the Swedish keeper saved the first two pitches, Styrmisson scored to 24:20 (34th) and let the almost sold-out SCHWALBE arena romp with 4,060 spectators. Gummersbach was also not stopped by the justified red card (37th) against defender Stepan Zeman, who had caught Viggó Kristjánsson in the face. At 25:20 (37th), the nervous Leipzig coach took the second time-out.

[Für Stepan Zeman (Nr. 66) war die Partie vorzeitig beendet.]

With no real success: VfL pretended to be in a frenzy and rose to 30:24 (42nd), after which Haber pressed the timeout buzzer again. Why did Gummersbach lose his rhythm completely? Sigurdsson and his players will certainly talk intensively about this after the international break. He didn’t want to blame his team: “I can only blame the boys if they don’t get up. But the boys are doing and giving everything they can.”

In any case, the errors were now piling up. Twice VfL attacks rolled towards the orphaned Leipzig target. Once Dominik Mappes was blocked, once Ellidi Vidarsson played a disastrous pass to Lukas Blohme instead of throwing himself from the halfway line. As in previous games, Gummersbach suddenly showed nerves with a clear lead that melted away to 31:28 (45th) and 33:32 (51st). Shortly afterwards, Sime Ivic even equalized, but VfL was ahead until 35:34 (54 th ). In a wild final phase, the home team was almost nothing, so that Leipzig was suddenly in front three minutes before the end.

[“Auf dem Steinmüllergelände hat sich einiges verändert”, fand Simon Ernst bei seiner Rückkehr an alte Wirkungsstätte. Er sprach von einer schönen Erfahrung, “trotzdem hätte ich gerne beide Punkte mitgenommen”. Gummersbach habe ein “brutales” Tempo gespielt “und wir sind zu chaotisch und kopflos nach hinten gelaufen. Das hat der VfL gnadenlos bestraft”, meinte er nach dem Schlusspfiff.]

The Sigurdsson team ultimately owed the point to Tibor Ivanisevic, who made two powerful saves in the closing minutes, and Dominik Mappes, who – unlike in Göppingen – scored the equalizer this time. Not only guest coach André Haber, who criticized the lack of vigilance in his defense, had to take a deep breath: “It was a mega-intensive game. Gummersbach plays the most brutal tempo game we have faced in recent times.” But he was not the only one who spoke about an exciting game, Sigurdsson also enjoyed the 60 minutes: “In terms of fight, passion and the hall, it was a great handball day.”

The Bundesliga is now on international holiday. Julian Köster, Ellidi Vidarsson, Tilen Kodrin, Stepan Zeman and Mathis Häseler travel to their national teams. This was unclear for Tom Jansen on Sunday. The Dutchman was fit for the match against Leipzig at short notice after suffering bone marrow edema in his hand against Stuttgart.

[Mit zehn Toren war Dominik Mappes erneut Gummersbachs Antreiber.]

Gummersbach: Dominik Mappes (10/1), Lukas Blohme (6), Tilen Kodrin, Hakon Styrmisson, Ole Pregler, Finn Schroven (3 each), Ellidi Vidarsson, Julian Köster, Tom Jansen, Stepan Zeman (2 each).

Leipzig: Maciej Gebala (9), Sime Ivic (6), Oskar Sunnefeldt, Patrick Larsen, Simon Ernst, Marino Maric, Tim Mattes (3 each), Viggo Kristjansson (3/2), Luca Witzke (2), Marko Mamic (1 ).

time penalties

6:6 minutes (Zeman (red), 2x Köster – 2x Ivic, Gebala).

seven meters

1/2 – 2/2 (Mappes lobs wide to Saeveras – Kristjánsson saves).




Tobias Schmack / Philipp Dinges.

results and table

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