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After a mangaka posted a very revealing illustration on Twitter had sharedhe was suddenly faced with an unexpected shit storm and the whole post went viral.

unrealistic rendering

Mangaka Maro Muchi, best known for his work There is also a gap in the student body! Twitter account.

This was also the case recently when he presented the revealing illustration of a scantily clad woman standing in front of a refrigerator and gave the following words: “This is Ume-kun’s teacher rummaging through the fridge late at night, looking for expired food.”

It was actually a regular post on his Twitter account, but this time the responses were unusual. Apparently some Twitter users felt attacked and started a shitstorm against the mangaka. It is best to first look at the illustration and then read it Commentswhich we have summarized for you below:

  • “Was she about to take off her bra? Or wear? what kind of situation is this please I wonder if men who find it erotic go shirtless to the fridge themselves.«
  • »You can see in the text in particular that the artist wanted to depict a realistic situation. But the illustration is not realistic in any way, hence the shitstorm.«
  • “In reality, women are never like that. If so, they are topless. They also do not use hair clips, but hair elastics. And they eat something that has passed its expiration date.”
  • »No bra in the world stays in that position when open. The artist must first interact with women before trying to represent them.«
  • “I know it’s illustration and fiction. But it’s just wrong. It’s so hard to walk with an open bra without it falling off. «
  • “Men complain about the way women hold guns in shoujo manga. But here they praise creativity. Aren’t you all hypocrites?”
  • “Somehow that’s all wrong. When I am at home I wear light clothes. A t-shirt with panties. But no open bra with jeans…”
  • ‘No woman uses hair clips at home. Also wear something comfortable. There is no open bra or anything.”
  • »With a bra you only sweat on your breasts. That’s why you wear a T-shirt at home.«



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