Malicious accusations by Dieter Bohlen

Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Gottschalk have known each other for many years and often appeared on TV together – as here in the ZDF program “Wetten dass…?” (2003).Image: IMAGO / Wall

Anna von Stefanellic

It is not uncommon for Dieter Bohlen to fail often. After all, the pop titan isn’t exactly known for his gentle nature. He regularly arouses the dismay of the viewers. For example, because as a jury member he gave his opinion harshly to the “DSDS” participants. Bohlen has been repeatedly criticized for body shaming and other blatant insults.

“Fat” and “mentally deranged”: Dieter Bohlen does not impress with restraint

In 2020, he insulted a contestant because of her appearance: “If I had a body like you, I would have dressed properly.” Shortly after, he described another candidate’s legs as “fat”. And another time, he dismissed a “DSDS” contestant as “insane.” Pretty hurtful comments, especially regarding Dieter Bohlen’s position of power on the casting show.

Dieter Bohlen is not exactly known for his restraint.

Dieter Bohlen is not exactly known for his restraint.Credit: IMAGO/Panama Photos

Nevertheless: Dieter Bohlen is a true TV veteran. Just like Thomas Gottschalk. Both were a regular part of TV for years and are now on the program again. But the TV greats continue to clash. Bohlen recently shared hard against Gottschalk again. It proves once again: Even when it comes to TV colleagues, the pop titan does not wear velvet gloves.

Bohlen on Gottschalk: “Makes his colleagues behind the scenes”

In an interview with Radio Hamburg on October 4, Dieter Bohlen slandered his TV colleague. There, the moderators on the “Radio Hamburg Morning Show” asked about the size of the “DSDS” what he really thought of Gottschalk – and promptly replied:

“The Gottschalk is always very nice on TV. In private he is not what you imagine.”

Bohlen also claimed that Gottschalk killed his colleagues backstage. And: He “doesn’t always tell the truth.” However, he did not give a concrete example.

This isn’t the first time the two have publicly mocked each other.

Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Gottschalk deliver verbal duel from a distance

When it became clear at short notice last year that Gottschalk would be on the “DSDS” jury, Bohlen didn’t think it was funny at all.

Thomas Gottschalk and Dieter Bohlen are true TV veterans.

Thomas Gottschalk and Dieter Bohlen are true TV veterans.Image: image images/ADres

When RTL decided that Gottschalk should represent the long-term ill jury member on the casting show, Gottschalk did not have to be asked twice. His words: “One titan” does not abandon “the other”. He accepted for the semifinals and the final. A gesture of friendship? Not even close.

Dieter Bohlen then joked about the “Wetten, dass..?” Zampano Gottschalk online. He, in turn, hit back.

Since then, the two have engaged in a long-distance verbal duel on the open stage. Sometimes one teases, sometimes the other. Despite their now retirement age, the mutual teasing is reminiscent of primary school quarrels.

The cuddle class between the two is over.

The cuddle class between the two is over.Image: image images/Eventpress

By the way: Dieter Bohlen will soon be featured in the anniversary season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. In the 20th season of the casting show, he is on the jury together with Pietro Lombardi, Katja Krasavice and Leony. There, too, he probably won’t be able to resist nasty statements and (too?) honest comments.

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