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From: Eric Sharp


A small tracker on the case is a handy tool to find it quickly. But Lufthansa has banned the aircraft – unlike many other airlines.

Frankfurt – The small device was worth its weight in gold to many travelers. When suitcases were piled up at the baggage claim area at Frankfurt Airport, the baggage tracker helped you quickly find your belongings among thousands of suitcases. But that’s it, at least for Lufthansa customers.

As the airline surprisingly announced, there is no endorsement for devices like Apple air tags. report that working week and watson “Luggage trackers belong to the category of portable electronic devices and are therefore subject to the Dangerous Goods Regulations for Aircraft Transport issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Accordingly, due to their transmission function, the trackers must be deactivated during the flight, just like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. watson Of.

In summer’s suitcase chaos, trackers were a popular tool at Frankfurt airport. However, Lufthansa has banned the aircraft. (File photo) © Star-Media/Imago

Frankfurt Airport: No uniform regulations for air labels in international air traffic

This means that the batteries of the trackers on Lufthansa flights from Frankfurt airport would have to be removed. This makes the trackers useless, at least as an aid when looking for your own luggage at the baggage claim. But the problem is not really treated uniformly by airports and airlines.

According to the American air traffic control, the Bluetooth connection, with which the radio signal is exchanged between the tracker and the smartphone, is not a problem. In addition, the small button battery in the trackers does not pose a great danger, certainly not compared to smartphone batteries.

Lufthansa does not allow air labels on flights

To add to the confusion, spokesmen for the airports in Berlin and Munich said, at Watson’s request, that there were no bans or requirements for trackers when checking baggage. “Airlines could, however, prescribe rules,” said the Munich airport spokesman. And that’s exactly what Lufthansa does, again unlike many other airlines, which apparently have no problems with the airtags.

The lack of a uniform regulation is also problematic for security personnel. Because they act in accordance with airline rules, as the Berlin Airport spokeswoman told Watson, “because the airlines basically control what is allowed on their plane and what is not.”

So anyone flying from Frankfurt Airport or with Lufthansa in the future should inform themselves in advance about the regulations for trackers and any consequences. In any case, as for the suitcase chaos in the summer, it would be useful if such scenes no longer happened. (esa)

Frankfurt Airport has fallen sharply in an important ranking due to the corona pandemic. An unloaded wheelchair recently caused problems at Lufthansa.

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