Lola Weippert shares a disgusting message – and her answer comes instantly

Lola Weippert shares tasteless news and is shocked.Image: screenshot

Janna Eiserbeck

Presenter Lola Weippert likes to take her followers on social networks into their daily lives. She shows up at sports, dinner, on the red carpet or in sexy clothes at Coachella. The 26-year-old has no problems with freedom of movement, which apparently motivates some followers to send extremely tasteless and sexist messages.

Unfortunately, hate messages are not uncommon for influencers. Time and again it happens that the bad comments that the network stars get are just posted by them to draw attention to the problem. Lola Weippert has now also discovered extremely tacky and above all sexist things when viewing her posts – and getting her followers to participate in them right away.

Lola Weippert reacts with humor to sexist news

A follower had sent her extremely tacky messages following several stories in which she presented herself in new outfits. She now shared the baaaa moment and her quick reply with her fans in a reel.

In his posts, the follower demanded, among other things, that Lola show her “udders” and offered sexual favors. An absolute no-go for the presenter. She responded to the author and let her more than 500,000 followers join the campaign.

He would rather “lick readings for hours on end”. Perhaps his behavior would be juicier then, Lola wrote back, ending her coil with a distinct gag and the question: “What would you have answered?”

Lola is praised by her followers for her quick wit and the way she handles such news. After almost 12 hours, more than 7,000 people have already marked their video with a heart.

One woman admires her for her always witty responses to such disgusting news and writes: “Always find it remarkable how you react to such comments.Another follower sees it this way. She “can’t stay that relaxed”. Many others also respect Lola’s answers and also have the courage to share such comments with their fans and show that such perpetrators do not go unnoticed.

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