LoL with MMO boss fights? The new PvE MOBA Evercore Heroes looks really strong

A new studio called Vela Games, made up of former Riot, Blizzard and EA employees, is introducing a new MOBA: Evercore Heroes. In the competitive PvE game, the gameplay of a MOBA is mixed with MMO raids. MeinMMO editor in chief Leya Jankowski was able to check out the gameplay and thinks it looks really good.

I love MOBAs and have spent more time in League of Legends than I care to admit. This is already the best known and most successful MOBA. In addition, SMITE with its console focus and Dota 2 were able to establish itself.

There were attempts by other studios to eat some of the MOBA cake, but here were no resounding successes:

Vela Games is a new studio with just the right amount of experience to give a successful MOBA another try. The team consists of people who have a few years of experience with both Riot (League of Legends) and Blizzard (WoW, Overwatch), which you can clearly see from the atmospheric hype trailer.

Former Riot Games Developers Working on New MOBA – Show First Trailer

I attended a presentation for MeinMMO where the studio introduced themselves and their new game “Evercore Heroes”. Here we got to see the alpha gameplay. In any case, the studio and gameplay have convinced me that I see enormous potential here.

A MOBA mixed with PvE raids – This is what a round in Evercore Heroes looks like

The basics of a “normal” MOBA are there:

  • You assemble a team of four characters with the classic roles: damage, support and tank.
  • Different heroes and heroines are available for this, with different skills.
  • The characters have four skills that you can increase during the match

Of course, before the round you have to determine a team composition and fight for your favorite characters here.

Since the gameplay shown only showed people typing wildly into the chat when they wanted to play, I went into more detail here. If you’ve played a MOBA before, you’ll know the potential for conflict, even before the match.

Travis George, the co-founder and CEO of Vela Games, told us:

Since this is a pre-alpha build, we haven’t implemented all of our features yet. However, in the future we will definitely add role preferences to our matchmaking capabilities. We also look forward to adding more ways to effectively build groups beyond role selection in the future. An example of this would be that players can choose to be ‘shot call’ or ‘team player’.

Travis George, CEO of Vela Games

The special thing about Evercore Heroes is that you don’t compete directly against other players. So you have no PvP contact. You will compete against four other teams who play on the same map as you. The goal then is to complete the PvE challenges as quickly as possible. That determines the winner.

In summary, a round consists of:

  • You defeat monsters to level up and earn gold and crystals. Crystals are items to get stronger
  • You complete tasks to charge up your Evercore and get into the boss domain
  • You take out a typical MMO raid boss who has different stages to win the round
During the round you fight against monsters, from which you get rewards for the whole team

During the round you can keep an eye on what the other three teams are doing and how they are doing at the moment. This gives you the opportunity to react and adjust your strategy.

There are opportunities to communicate with the other teams, although you don’t fight each other directly. For example, you collect small energy crystals and when they reach a certain number, the boss sends energy waves that bring monsters onto the cards.

Likewise, with your team, you want to complete the various objectives and tasks as quickly as possible because only the first team will get the reward. So you fight for the goals in real time.

They want to destroy your Evercore base. If your own base is destroyed, you are out of the round.

The boss appears in front of all teams at once and any remaining teams can fight him. The goal is to kill the boss as quickly as possible.

Characters can be upgraded after each round

Another special feature of Evercore Heroes is that you can improve your heroes and heroines in the long run. As you play the characters, you can unlock unique talents.

This allows you to devise and build a strategy for your characters that can affect your turn.

I can imagine that it is more pleasant here to play with a fixed group that is attuned to each other and can also attune talents to the match.

Talents can affect your stats or even create missions for your character during a match. You can also customize and change the characters’ abilities.

But in a classic way for a MOBA, you can also customize your characters during the round. There is a shop with crystals that affect your build. These crystals can be traded with other players, but can also be bought with gold.

Here’s a look at the characters known so far:

PvE environment must offer variety

Of course, a MOBA like League of Legends is also exciting because you compete against others in direct battles. Anyone who has ever had a 1vs1 where everything was on the line knows the hard adrenaline rush. This always creates tension and variety.

A game in which you encounter a pure PvE environment must offer variety to remain exciting. Vela Games therefore promises varied maps with different biomes.

The biomes are created by the different regions that the fantasy sci-fi world is supposed to offer. With the biomes, there should also be a corresponding variation in the samples.

Several seasons are also planned, which will bring new monsters or change the gameplay. Of course, there must also be new heroes and heroines.

We only saw one card in the presentation. It is therefore difficult at the moment to estimate how varied the whole will ultimately be.

I have a lot of faith in Evercore Heroes thanks to the expertise behind them

I’m aware that my initial opinion of the MOBA is quite positive, even though I haven’t played Evercore Heroes yet. I’ve only seen one gameplay presentation and I have to rely on what I’ve been shown and told.

But the early signs have potential:

  • The gameplay looks well thought out
  • The heroes and heroines already presented offer a lot of variety and look like there is something for everyone
  • For a pre-alpha build, the gameplay looked amazingly smooth and visually pleasing
  • The minds behind the game have a lot of experience with MOBAs, multiplayer in general and MMOs

At the beginning of the presentation, some team members were introduced to us.

Travis George, whom I quoted earlier in the text, was the lead designer and producer of League of Legends for about season 5 for about a few years. Overall, he has 20 years of industry experience.

Co-founder Brian Kaiser has also been involved in game development for 20 years, working for Sony, Activision and EA.

Otherwise, there are a few more heads from Riot and Blizzard.

Names don’t say everything, of course. My positive impression comes mainly from the gameplay that I was allowed to watch. I immediately thought: I want to play this now!

I really want to be part of a MOBA from scratch again. I think I’m not the only one with that.

I see Evercore Heroes as a MOBA with potential to compete with LoL. I’m not saying it will outperform LoL right away. The games go too different paths for that, in terms of the PvP and PvE components.

However, it does have the potential to take up quite a bit of the MOBA pie and attract people who are basically League of Legends like me.

How do you see Evercore Heroes? Do you trust the MOBA?

Here you will find information on how to register for the pre-alpha

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