Live ticker Formula 1: Mick Schumacher to Mercedes?

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Häkkinen sees it differently…

We have already heard from several experts that they have a different opinion about the crash than Hamilton. And Mika Häkkinen is one of them. “The collision between Max and Lewis resembled a racing accident,” he writes in his Unibet column.

He finds the penalty “hard” because: “Max was at the front in Turn 1. Then Lewis was on the outside in Turn 2 and only just before as they steered into the next apex. Nobody wants to crash, especially drivers who are used to racing to win.”

“Max could have pulled back and accelerated. But we are talking about splits of a second in which you have to make this decision,” said Häkkinen, who probably would not have imposed a penalty.

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Hamilton on Verstappen crash: I am a “target”

“It was not a racing accident,” said Hamilton of the crash with Verstappen yesterday, explaining: “I think it’s normal if you can show success and numbers that you become a bit of a target.”

In other words, he assumes that Verstappen will be particularly hard on him because he has been so successful in the past. “But it doesn’t matter. It’s nothing I haven’t had to deal with before,” said Hamilton.

Toto Wolff says only about the crash: “It is difficult for me to comment on the situation because at this stage it is not relevant for me to blame or pass judgment. I would rather be happy with the victory.”

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Steiner: Personal problem with Mick Schumacher?

Ralf Schumacher puts forward this statement in ‘Sky’. He thinks it is “by normal standards” […] inexplicable’ how Günther Steiner behaves towards Mick. “It has to be almost something personal,” Schumacher said.

“I think Günther Steiner just can’t stand someone else in the team focusing on himself too. Because I think he’s also very, very happy to be the one in the foreground,” said the Sky expert. .

Steiner is a “self-portrait” in which he lacks “any reference to self-criticism”. “Personally, I would not have had the calm that Mick radiated at his young age,” says Schumacher.

The two won’t be friends anytime soon…

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The notes are here!

That was hard work today! In our review conference, the editors hardly agreed on one driver this time, almost everything had to be discussed. This is what finally came out:

Photo Gallery: Sao Paulo: The Editor’s Driving Figures

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Williams criticizes: Albon is too nice!

That is also a criticism that you do not hear very often in Formula 1. Williams technical chief Francois-Xavier Demaison says with a laugh of Alexander Albon: “He’s a nice person, sometimes a little too nice.”

But this has a very serious background. “He needs to be a little harder on the team and push us a little bit more, but I’m working on that,” Demaison reveals, explaining that it’s just in Albon’s “nature” to be friendly.

He is strong enough on the track. “But he should also be a bit stricter in the debriefing,” said Demaison, who said Albon needs to learn that if he ever wants to become world champion.

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Krack: Sprint incident not so bad

We already heard that Jacques Villeneuve criticized Lance Stroll for the action in the sprint against Sebastian Vettel. Team principal Mike Krack is very relaxed about it, however, explaining: “These things happen in racing.”

Still, you want to let both pilots race freely against each other. Referring to a stable order, he says: “We don’t have anything like that. We never had it, we won’t have it and then you have to expect them to hit each other hard.”

That’s also good with the team. Of course, the scene was “unfortunate,” Krack said. But he also emphasizes that the criticism of Stroll is “exaggerated”. Anyway, everything is good for him.

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Ricciardo before returning to Red Bull?

Daniel Ricciardo is also associated with the position of reserve driver at Mercedes. In the meantime, however, he seems to be pulling back to Red Bull. “[Mit] Ricciardo, we are in talks,” Helmut Marko confirmed to ORF.

“But that is mainly the function of reserve driver, simulator driver and various promotional appearances, without having a fixed commitment about one [Renn-Cockpits] would give up,” the Austrian clarifies.

“But there are talks and I hope Abu Dhabi decides on that,” Marko said. The deal certainly wouldn’t be bad for Schumacher as it could boost his chances at Mercedes!

13:37 o’clock

Good end of the season for RTL

RTL broadcast its last Formula 1 race of the year yesterday and enjoyed an average of 2.83 million viewers. That is more than in the last two races at Silverstone (2.39 million) and Zandvoort (2.04).

However, these figures are not directly comparable due to the different start times. Meanwhile, another 750,000 fans watched on Sky. Also a success, because recently there have been fewer in the US (680,000) and Mexico (578,000).

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