Live commentary Ironman Hawaii: Patrick Lange fights for the win over Kona

Ironman Hawaii in the live ticker

1.30 pm: Before you start Patrick Long criticized the new format at Ironman Hawaii. The organizer is allowing twice as many participants this year after the 2021 and 2022 races were cancelled. “I thought about it for a long time, but I found more and more negative factors for the doubling,” Lange told the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”.

For example, there are more than 5000 participants instead of about 2500 participants at the start. “If you look at how prices have fared here in Kona, if you look at the incredible traffic that’s been here a week before the start, it just can’t be right to hold this event over two days.”

For the race on Saturday (6:25 p.m.), Lange holds back as usual. “I’m just not the character with strong announcements and declarations of war. I’m not. And it’s really hard for me to position myself against the others. All I know is that I won the race twice and I’m hiding I don’t have to. I have already proven that I can win in Hawaii. Others have yet to do that,” Lange said in the “Welt”.

Ironman Hawaii: Jan Frodeno is missing due to hip inflammation

1 o’clock in the afternoon.: Two-time Ironman Champion Jan Frodeno won’t be there this year. The winner of 2015, 2016 and 2019 suffers from a hip infection. He wants to end his career in 2023. “I hope the whole thing will take a turn here,” Frodeno explained to the “world”.

“Of course you can talk yourself into anything, and you should. But for me, the thing is, I actually work with ups and downs. I don’t even know how many comebacks I’ve had, but it’s my big and solid one goal to to have another.” He would prefer to “conjure up a very, very big race. Because it hurts my soul.”

Ironman Hawaii: last start for Sebastian Kienle

12.30pm: Sebastian Kienle (Ironman winner 2014) will compete in Ironman Hawaii for the last time in his career. “I can approach the race quite freely now,” explains the 38-year-old. “But actually that’s not fun either, because that’s why I’m certainly not in the top favorites here.”

“But I’m not completely without a chance,” Kienle says in a dpa interview. In 2019 he came third. “There have never been so many athletes who can be said to have a chance of winning the race. I am still one of them, even though my chance is somewhere around five percent.”

12.00: Hello and welcome to the live ticker on The men’s race (professionals) starts on October 8 (Saturday) at 6:25 PM. In addition to top favorite Kristian Blummenfelt from Norway is also a two-time champion of Hawaii Patrick Long (2017 & 2018) at the start.

American Sodaro wins women’s race

American Chelsea Sodaro has won the Ironman Hawaii. In her first race in Hawaii, the 33-year-old won after a 3.86km swim, 180.2km bike and 42.2km run ahead of Britain’s Lucy Charles-Barclay and Germany’s Anne Haug.

Laura Philipp, another German, came in fourth. Without the time penalty on the racing bike, Philipp probably would have done even better. For Hawaii winner Sodara, it is the most important success of her career. The American became a mother a year and a half ago and after her baby break in June she participated for the first time in a triathlon in Hamburg.

Ironman Hawaii: women’s results

1. Chelsea Sodaro (USA) 8:33:46am
2. Lucy Charles-Barclay (GBR) 8:41:37 AM
3. Anne Haug (GER) 8:42:22 AM
4. Laura Philipp (GER) 8:50:31 am
5. Lisa Norden (SWE) 8:54:43 am

6. Fenella Langridge (GBR) 8:56:26 am
7. Sarah Crowley (AUS) 9:01:58 am
8. Daniela Ryf (SUI) 9:02:26 am
9. Skye Moench (USA) 9:04:31 AM
10. Laura Siddall (GBR) 9:07:49 AM
11. Susie Cheetham (GBR) 9:11:03am
12. Maja Stage-Nielsen (DEN) 9:14:04 o’clock
13. Haley Chura (USA) 9:19:49 PM
14. Ruth Astle (GBR) 9:20:37 AM
15. Gurutze Frades Larralde (ESP) 9:20:58 AM

Ironman Hawaii: distance and track

The Ironman Hawaii starts on the well-known routes. The triathletes have to swim 3.86 km in the open sea, cycle 180.2 km and run 42.195 km. The route heads along the coast from the east side of Kailua Pier. In total, all participants must climb 1,772 meters before the winners are crowned on Alii Drive.

The Ironman Hawaii is the oldest long-distance triathlon. The first competition took place in 1978. This year the competition will be held over two days for the first time. The equalizer is intended to enable a large number of athletes who have not been able to participate in the past two years due to cancellation and postponement.

All Ironman winners since 1978

2022 Kristian Blummenfelt
2019 Jan Frodeno
2018 Patrick Lange
2017 Patrick Lange
2016 Jan Frodeno
2015 Jan Frodeno
2014 Sebastian Kienle

2013 Frederik Van Lierde
2012 Pete Jacobs
2011 Craig Alexander
2010 Chris McCormack
2009 Craig Alexander
2008 Craig Alexander
2007 Chris McCormack
2006 Norman Stadler
2005 Faris Al Sultan
2004 Norman Stadler

2003 Peter Reid
2002 Tim DeBoom
2001 Tim DeBoom
2000 Peter Reid
1999 Luc van Lierde
1998 Peter Reid
1997 Thomas Hellriegel
1996 Luc van Lierde
1995 Mark Allen
1994 Greg Welch
1993 Mark Allen
1992 Mark Allen
1991 Mark Allen
1990 Mark Allen
1989 Mark Allen
1988 Scott Molina
1987 Dave Scott
1986 Dave Scott
1985 Scott Tinley
1984 Dave Scott
1983 Dave Scott
1982 Dave Scott
1982 Scott Tinley
1981 John Howard
1980 Dave Scott
1979 Tom Warren
1978 Gordon Haller

All Ironman winners since 1979

2022 Chelsea Sodaro
2022 Daniela Ryfo
2019 Anne Haug
2018 Daniela Ryfo
2017 Daniela Ryfo
2016 Daniela Ryfo
2015 Daniela Ryfo
2014 Mirinda Carfrae
2013 Mirinda Carfrae
2012 Leanda Cave
2011 Chrissy Wellington
2010 Mirinda Carfrae
2009 Chrissy Wellington
2008 Chrissy Wellington
2007 Chrissy Wellington
2006 Michele Jones
2005 Natasha Badmann
2004 Natasha Badmann
2003 Lori Bowden
2002 Natasha Badmann
2001 Natasha Badmann
2000 Natasha Badmann
1999 Lori Bowden
1998 Natasha Badman
1997 Heather Fuhr
1996 Paula Newby-Fraser
1995 Karen Smyers
1994 Paula Newby-Fraser
1993 Paula Newby-Fraser
1992 Paula Newby-Fraser
1991 Paula Newby-Fraser
1990 Erin Baker
1989 Paula Newby-Fraser
1988 Paula Newby-Fraser
1987 Erin Baker
1986 Paula Newby-Fraser
1985 Joanne Ernest
1984 Sylviane Puntous
1983 Sylviane Puntous
1982 Julie Leach
1982 Kathleen McCartney
1981 Linda Sweeney
1980 Robin Beck
1979 Lyn Lemaire

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