Liquidator event ended after just 30 minutes

The settlement event that started today was supposed to end after half an hour. This is due to a bug related to the exclusive rewards. An update has also been released.

updated: In the meantime, EA DICE has been able to solve the problem. The event is now open to all players.

Actually, that’s exactly what “Battlefield 2042” was supposed to do Liquidator Event run. Here, small teams face heated infantry battles on compact map variants. You search in vain for (air) vehicles.

The event started as planned at ten o’clock. But just a short time later – 30 minutes to be exact – “The Liquidators” had to be stopped.

Why? The communication team immediately explained this on Twitter: “We are seeing that the unlock rewards and progress for the event are not tracked correctly and cannot be equipped when shown as unlocked.”

So there was a bug that prevented the event-specific rewards from working. As explained recently, in the new game mode, ribbons can be collected to unlock cosmetic items. Includes a background, weapon camouflage, specialist set and vehicle camouflage.

In any case, the team is already working on solving the cause. It is not yet known when the event will start again. Once that happens, you’ll be able to play Tactical Conquest mode for two weeks – and hopefully you’ll get the rewards without a hitch.

New update available

In addition to deactivating the event again, EA rolled out a minor update. This made a few weapon changes:

  • Avancys (Nerf): Higher recoil and spread.
  • K30 (Nerf): Higher dispersion and lower distance accuracy.
  • MP9 (Nerf): Higher dispersion and lower distance accuracy.
  • M16A3 (Buff): Decreased recoil and spread when aiming.
  • M60E4 (Buff): Less recoil, less spread when aiming, and more damage.

In addition, the developers have fixed some bugs. For example, some players were unable to aim after exiting a vehicle.

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The next update is already underway. Among other things, the “Orbital” map will be revised and several portal weapons will be introduced in “All Out Warfare”.

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