Lidl and Kaufland sell digital radiator thermostats at a bargain price

You will soon be able to buy digital radiator thermostats much cheaper at Lidl and Kaufland. Kaufland starts this week on October 13. Lidl will be available from October 20. If you use the radiator thermostats optimally, you can save up to 30 percent on heating costs.

Digital radiator thermostats for 9.99 euros

If you want to save on heating costs and automate it a bit without spending a lot of money, you can buy programmable radiator thermostats. These currently usually cost more than 20 euros each (see Amazon). At Kaufland you can get such a radiator thermostat from October 13, 2022 for only 9.99 euros. The offer is only valid locally in the markets. If you didn’t get anything there, you can go to Lidl for the same price of 9.99 euros (look at Lidl). These are also only available in the local branches. They are sold out online, but can be replenished at the start of the offer.

If you want to equip your household with it, you should buy a radiator thermostat for each radiator. It is simply screwed onto the heating valve. Suitable adapters for the most common models are always included. Then you put the batteries in and can set four heating and saving periods per day. For example, in the morning before you wake up so that the required rooms are warm. As soon as you go to work, all thermostats are turned down. When you return home, the required rooms are heated again. There is even a window open detection so that the radiator thermostat closes when the temperature drops. Perfect for airing so as not to waste energy.

With a balcony central you can reduce your power consumption:

What are digital radiator thermostats good for?

Before I had smart radiator thermostats that also have an app connection, I had digital radiator thermostats. If you set them up properly, they work very well. But that’s not easy either and you need to know your entire daily routine. Personally, I then invested more money and got smart radiator thermostats, where I can make changes quickly from my mobile phone (check Amazon). Since these have been in use for years, it’s worth it anyway. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, digital radiator thermostats are also a good choice to save on heating costs.

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