LEGO Black Friday 2022 from midnight! All offers in a row

Update (November 24, 8:30 p.m.): The LEGO Black Friday 2022 event starts at midnight in the LEGO online shop! Today we were able to give you a taste of the 88 discounted sets and added the most important ones a little further down in the original article. We will add the full list including all discounts here once we know the final offers and savings rate.

But of course it’s not over at midnight: the sale of the LEGO Eiffel Tower (10307) only starts around 01:00. From that moment on you can put the set in the shopping cart and get an extra one all three freebies below. We’ve answered all your sales start questions in a little FAQ article.

In addition, you will probably find many other Black Friday deals from other retailers during the night on our LEGO Black Friday overview page. Of course we always send you a push message on Telegram directly to your mobile phone.

Original post (November 22): LEGO yesterday confirmed the promotions and freebies for this year’s LEGO Black Friday event with the VIP weekend coming to an end, announcing all the freebies and new VIP rewards coming with Black Friday. Here we show you again all the actions you can count on.

LEGO is a little more open this year than last year and shows us the free addition to this year’s on the action page in the online shop Cyber ​​Monday event well before the start of Black Friday. As a buyer, you can now determine in advance which purchases you want to make and when. Until now, LEGO has only kept a big secret about the discounts. However, LEGO has already confirmed that definitely expect discounted sets be able to.

All information about the LEGO Black Friday event can be found on our LEGO Black Friday overview page. There you will also find all promotions and offers from other retailers and an overview of the individual articles for the bargain and consumer event.

LEGO sets on sale!

LEGO Black Friday sale confirmed

At least we already know which sets are likely to be discounted for LEGO Black Friday, even if we don’t know the specific discounts yet. We count on that, among other things 20 to 30 percent off on the following exclusive sets:

Exclusive LEGO Art

Exclusive LEGO BrickHeadz and Brick Sketches

Exclusive LEGO Chinese New Year

Exclusive LEGO Creator Expert / Icons

Exclusive LEGO DC

Exclusive LEGO Disney

Exclusive LEGO Harry Potter

Exclusive LEGO Ideas

Exclusive LEGO Marvel

LEGO Mindstorms Exclusive

Exclusive LEGO Monkie Kid

LEGO Miscellaneous & Seasonal Exclusive

Exclusive LEGO Star Wars

Freebies on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

LEGO has also now confirmed the details of the free gifts (“Gift with Purchase” or GWPs) for LEGO Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. We would like to briefly introduce the well-known sets and then go into more detail about the newly added free items.

LEGO 40564 Christmas Elf Scene

LEGO 40564 Christmas Elf Scene

LEGO 40563 Tribute to LEGO House

LEGO 40563 LEGO House Freebie

LEGO 40579 Eiffel’s Apartment

Free LEGO 40579 Eiffel's Apartment

  • Period: 25 to 28 November
  • Minimum purchase value: 629.99 euros
  • Restrictions: Only with purchase of LEGO Eiffel Tower (10307)
  • More photos and info: LEGO 40579 Eiffel’s apartment

LEGO 5007488 Brick Drawstring Bag (online only)

LEGO Black Friday drawstring bag building blocks

Thankfully, this year, LEGO is letting us know ahead of time what freebies we’re getting Cyber ​​Mondaysoon November 28 can count. On that date, the LEGO 40563 Tribute to LEGO House set will instead no longer be available from 200 euros purchase value the LEGO 5007488 Brick Drawstring Bag in your shopping cart. However, there is a free gift only for VIP customers and only in the LEGO online shop even not in the brand stores.

Unfortunately, LEGO has not yet revealed any details about the bag on the product page in the LEGO online shop, other than those specified by LEGO “Value” of 19.99 euros. Unfortunately there are no further pictures or even information about the dimensions of the bag. We hope that LEGO will provide this information later. Anyway judging by the pictures the pouch is not incredibly big and if the pouch is anything like this 2017 pouch it is about the same size 21 cm high and 20 cm in diameter.

  • Period: November 28 only
  • Minimum purchase value: 200 euros
  • Restrictions: Online only and for VIP customers only

LEGO 30580 Santa Claus polybag (brand stores only)

LEGO 30580 Santa Polybag

Exclusively in the LEGO Brand Stores there is the LEGO 30580 Santa Claus Polybag of one Purchase value 40 euros over the entire period of the Black Friday promotion from November 25 to 28, or while supplies last. The small polybag is neither new nor exclusive and should already be in one or the other collection of our readers.

  • Period: 25 to 28 November
  • Minimum purchase value: 40 euros
  • Restrictions: LEGO Brand Stores only

Black Friday VIP Rewards

Not only at the LEGO VIP weekend there was new VIP rewards, but also for the Black Friday event, LEGO wants to bring something forward here. In particular, the fact that a separate set will arrive during the period should please many LEGO fans.

Pirate adventure ride

LEGO Black Friday Pirate Ride VIP Bonus

The LEGO Pirate Adventure Ride is an exciting new addition to the ride machine series that brought us the Dragon Ride Machine on LEGO VIP Weekend, which was very well received by fans. The pirate adventure ride was also part of this year’s Bricktober campaign and is now finally available in Germany, albeit in a different packaging than at the Bricktober event. Whether the other two Bricktober sets will also appear in the future is unfortunately not yet known.

The pirate adventure ride also comes with a minifigure and is priced at 2,400 VIP points of the November 25th be available. That is the equivalent of about 16 euros, which is what the small set will cost. We assume that LEGO has sufficient stock, as was the case during the VIP weekend.

  • Bonus: adventurous pirate ride
  • Period: 25 to 28 November
  • Cost: 2,400 VIP points (equivalent to 16 euros)
  • Restrictions: As always, only one code can be redeemed per order

Keychains, Eiffel Tower postcards and VIP discounts

In addition to the LEGO set, there will also be two other VIP awards, namely one LEGO retro keychain and Posters and stickers matching the LEGO Eiffel Tower.

LEGO Black Friday Retro Keychain

  • Bonus: 1964 retro keychain
  • Period: 25 to 28 November
  • Cost: 950 VIP points (equivalent to 6.33 euros)
  • Restrictions: As always, only one code can be redeemed per order

LEGO Black Friday Eiffel Tower poster stickers

  • Bonus: Eiffel Tower postcard and sticker
  • Period: 25 to 28 November
  • Cost: 600 VIP points (equivalent to 4 euros)
  • Restrictions: As always, only one code can be redeemed per order

The following are also available in the LEGO Black Friday Event VIP Rewards Center:

  • 75% discount on a €5 VIP voucher from 25 to 28 November
  • Sweepstakes for 1,000,000 VIP Points (Free)
  • Reduced VIP rewards (details to be announced)

The promotion with the 75% discount on a VIP voucher of 5 euros is of course interesting and was used a lot last year. Unfortunately, LEGO has not yet announced how many €5 vouchers can be secured per customer.

LEGO Black Friday VIP promotions

LEGO Eiffel Tower as a new set for Black Friday

LEGO Icons 10307 Eiffel Tower

As a major novelty for Black Friday, the LEGO Eiffel Tower (10307) will appear this year. The largest LEGO set to date consists of 10,001 parts and will be on November 25 at 1 a.m to a Price of 629.99 euros start selling in the LEGO online shop – an hour after Black Friday officially started. Of course, if you want to buy the Eiffel Tower right on release, you get it all three freebies mentioned above and collects VIP points worth approximately 31.50 euros as a VIP customer.

This is the previously confirmed information about LEGO Black Friday 2022 directly from the manufacturer. While we still have to wait for information on the offers from some other retailers (especially Amazon), LEGO has now put at least part of the plans on the table. Unfortunately (as every year) the plans for the reduced sets for the event are still open. LEGO’s revealing in advance which freebies will be available on Cyber ​​Monday is a small step forward from last year.

We’ll keep you updated on all upcoming offers on our LEGO Black Friday overview page and via push notification on Telegram!

What offers are you hoping for directly from LEGO for Black Friday 2022? What do you think of the new “Brick Drawstring Bag” freebie and what do you think of the planned VIP rewards? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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