LEGO 40564 Christmas Elf Scene: Official Free Images

Finally there are official pictures of the upcoming freebies! The first is LEGO 40564 Christmas Elf Scene, which will be a free gift during the VIP weekend and Black Friday event this year and has just been added to the LEGO online store.

The LEGO 40564 Christmas Elf Scene consists of 372 parts and includes two minifigures. As an additional animal figure is a squirrel contain. The two minifigures represent two Christmas elves, who find themselves in a wintry snowy landscape and go about their elf-like activities: one elf stacks snowballs on a sleigh, while the other elf indulges in figure skating. The ice rink is built so that the elf can be rotated on it with a simple mechanism by turning the small gear on the edge of the model.

LEGO Miscellaneous 40564 Christmas Elves Scene 2

The entire scene is designed as a small vignette and decorated with two fir trees with a chain of lights strung between them. The background shows a few more fir trees and snowy mountains.

From what we know so far, it will be the LEGO 40564 Christmas Elf Scene in two periods give: First for the VIP weekend of November 19-20 and then to the Black Friday event of November 25-28, 2022. According to initial information, the required purchase for the free gift should be one Minimum purchase value 170 euros However, LEGO is expected to announce the final details tomorrow – until then, use the details on the time period and purchase value with a degree of caution. According to the product page in the LEGO Shop, the small set has one Value of 19.99 euros.

Below we have listed all the information about the set for you:

  • Set number: 40564
  • Name: Christmas elf scene
  • Parts: 372
  • Minifigures: 2
  • Age: 9+
  • Value: 19.99 euros
  • Minimum purchase value: expected to be 170 euros
  • Release: expected on November 19, 2022

LEGO Others 40564 Christmas Elves Scene 3

LEGO Others 40564 Christmas Elves Scene 1

LEGO has published a short and probably incomplete description in the LEGO online shop. We assume that the sets were accidentally put online and that LEGO still wanted to work on the description:

Get into the Christmas spirit with this LEGO Christmas Elf Scene (40564) playset. The Christmas-themed display includes a working ice rink, 2 fairy minifigures and a squirrel.

What do you think about LEGO 40564 Christmas Elf Scene? Do you get the set for free with a corresponding purchase in the LEGO online shop, or does the snowy landscape with the two Christmas elves leave you completely cold? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the small set in the comments!

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