Last-gen players continue to be served

PS4 players can look forward to one or two first-party titles in the future. Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, promises this.

in a Conversation with Axios PlayStation head Hermen Hulst promised PS4 owners further support. For example, in the future, selected titles should also appear for the old Sony console.

Will be decided individually for each game

“We don’t want to forget the millions of active PS4 players and make sure there are great games for them too,” he said. According to Hulst, it will be decided “case by case” whether a game for the long-dead console will also be released.

So far, no cross-gen game from a PlayStation studio has been announced for 2023. However, only “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” should be mentioned here, which will be released exclusively for PS5.

Like the sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man, Wolverine has also been announced for PS5. An additional PS4 version is not to be expected here. Much more likely is a cross-gen release for Sony’s live service games, several of which are already in development. One of them is the multiplayer “The Last of Us”, whose target platforms are not yet known.

Some developers have decided not to release a PS4 version of their latest game this year. An example is Gotham Knights from WB Games Montreal in favor of quality only appears for the current generation of consoles. The last-gen version of the recently announced “Wild Hearts” has also been dropped. EA justified that with the technical capabilities of the PS5 and Xbox Series, which should be exhausted.

Capcom, on the other hand, decided afterwards, but one more PS4 version of Resident Evil 4 remake develop. However, a slimmed-down version for last-gen players should be expected here, while PS5 players should get their money’s worth.

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In any case, the final sales figure for the PlayStation 4 has been fixed since August: 117.2 million units of the popular console have been sold. A proud player base that Sony still wouldn’t want to be without.

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