“Jeremy Is In Love With Me”

“Celebrity Big Brother”: The animosity between Jeremy Fragrance and Valentina Doronina has subsided for now.Image: Sat.1


Ann Kathrin Schaub

Day five at “Celebrity Big Brother” and the atmosphere couldn’t be better, at least in the loft. Rainer Gottwald spoils Tanja Tischewitsch with a little foot massage. The 33-year-old can’t believe her luck: “With whipped cream and all? I’m going crazy!” Rainer really seems to have what it takes when it comes to foot massages. Tanja moans more and more with ecstasy: “I feel like I can feel it somewhere else when you press there…”

Jennifer Iglesias was in therapy: “I suffered a lot”

The inhabitants of the attic can only dream of this. Jennifer Iglesias is almost in tears when she wakes up. The reason: she dreamed of her ex-boyfriend and she doesn’t mean her “Love Island” partner Nico. “Do you still have feelings for him?” wants Sam Dylan to know. “I was engaged,” replies Jennifer, reporting that it wasn’t easy for her to break up after two and a half years of relationship:

“I’ve been in therapy for that too… I suffered terribly.”

“I think you first have to process the relationship to be free for something new,” Sam analyzes the conversation afterwards.

Famous Big Brother

Jennifer Iglesias was almost in tears.Image: Sat.1

Jeremy reveals what his suit smells like

Profound conversations are followed by a small glimmer of hope: the mood gradually improves between Jeremy Fragrance and Valentina Doronina. The perfume influencer waves the wooden spoon, which Valentina is very happy about – recently – very happy: “I gladly accept it. Anyone who cooks can cook with pleasure.” With canned mushrooms, onions and pieces of bread, Jeremy hisses his way into the hearts of his roommates. Or actually in their stomach.

Valentina has almost philosophical thoughts over a portion of sauerkraut: “What is that, sauerkraut? Where does it come from? From the tree?” Almost cute, this naivete. And if you’re wondering what Jeremy’s white suit smells like now, he’s happy to answer it himself: “My coat smells like a mix of my own musk and a mix of canned food.” Did we really want to know?

Menderes is enthusiastic about Tanja Tischewitsch

In the garage, Menderes talks about his past dating experiences. It hasn’t really worked out with any woman so far, Doreen Steinert can’t understand that at all: “He’s not ugly either, and he’s quite entertaining and sweet.” She immediately starts a dating call for Menderes, the sender actually shows the postal address. Important for Menderes: “The total package has to be right.”

Famous Big Brother

Menderes has an eye on Tanja.Image: Sat.1

Tanja seems to be getting pretty close to his prey plan. When Menderes “surprisingly” ended up in the loft, the joy to see them again was great: “I was so looking forward to Tanja. She has a beautiful smile, I like that.” Diana Schell also smells a little love story: “Hey, there’s something. I think he might like Tanja a bit more…” So it softly crackles in the attic, just like in the attic.

Just for two – is there something going on between Jeremy and Valentina?

Because Jennifer and Sam were allowed to move into the garage the day before, the two “mortal enemies” Jeremy and Valentina are now alone in the attic. But the enmity seems to slowly grow into a real friendship. Or even more? “Jeremy is in love with me…you would almost think – Romeo and Juliet”, Valentina jokes in the consulting room. And Jeremy also finds unusually soft tones for her: “I find you more attractive than when I first saw you…I wouldn’t have a problem with you winning that either.” Friendly. But the romance ends sooner than expected.

Valentina and Jeremy compete in a quiz showdown. Valentina loses and moves to the garage, Jeremy is allowed to go to the luxury loft. The influencer will stay here alone for the time being, because Big Brother has kicked out the other loft residents in advance. Tanja, Menderes, Rainer and Diana now live in the unpopular attic. However, Jeremy will not be alone in the loft for long. Viewers can vote who will keep him company later. Until then, the perfume influencer keeps talking to the cameras…

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