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Janet Jackson shares family photo |

Paris(er) meeting

Fans have been waiting for a photo like this for years: Janet Jackson (56) and her niece Paris Jackson (24) posed together at Paris Fashion Week last weekend!

“So nice to see my beautiful niece,” Janet Jackson wrote on an Instagram post. In the photo: Michael Jackson’s sister and daughter (†50). Shoulder to shoulder on a chic sofa, no sheet of paper will fit between the two women.

July 2009: Janet Jackson comforts her niece Paris at the public memorial service for the late Michael Jackson

Photo: Getty Images

What unites the Jackson ladies is their fashion sense: Janet looks chic in a gray blazer and tie. Paris in a sexy boho look with a cream colored lace top and brown thigh high boots.

Why is the photo a minor sensation? As several media reported, in 2012 there was a violent family dispute over the will of Michael Jackson, who died on June 25, 2009 in Los Angeles. noisy “ MirrorIn his will, the King of Pop named his mother, children and charitable organizations as heirs to his entire fortune.

Paris Jackson spoke about her father at the funeral.  His siblings stood by her then

Paris Jackson spoke about her father at the funeral. Jacko’s siblings were standing with the little one at the time

Photo: Getty Images

The rest of the family didn’t like it at all. Some of the King of Pop’s siblings even disputed the will at the time.

Since then, Jacko’s children have been at odds with his siblings. After Michael’s death, Paris and her two brothers, Prince (25) and Blanket (20), were raised by their grandmother, Katherine Jackson (92).

Paris, in particular, seemed to distance herself from her famous aunt, Janet Jackson. When Janet performed at the Billboard Music Awards in 2015, the whole family was there, except Paris. Some fans therefore suspected that the two had no contact.

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While the famous family never really commented on the alleged drama that followed Jacko’s tragic death, Paris wrote after the Billboard Awards Instagram: “Dear social media followers, friends, stalkers, fans, haters and other moonwalkers: Please don’t say/ask/try to influence how I manage my relationships with the people in my life, especially my family.”

He continued: “Every family has its moments of trauma, heartbreak, breakup, love, unity, belonging, everything. EVERY FAMILY. My family in particular and many others. Just that our drama is shared worldwide through the media.”

Tensions now appear to have eased. The fans are also happy because: In the comments to the latest photo of Janet and Paris, for example, the users write: “It’s nice that you reconciled”, “I’ve waited so long for this moment” and “I’m so glad you met there and spent time together!”

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