Is MontanaBlack Rich? The Twitch streamer reveals his bank balance

Monte reveals how much money he currently has in the bank. (Image: Twitch – MontanaBlack88 / Getty Images – Rmcarvalho)

As one of the most successful streamers in Germany, MontanaBlack makes a big difference. But how much money does Monte currently park in his account? In a stream, he reveals his current account balance – and it surprises in two ways.

Monte has so much in his account

As one of the most successful streamers in Germany, MontanaBlack deserves a golden nose, that much is clear. However, in one of his live streams, he now lays his cards on the table and quickly reveals how much money he currently has in his account: 308,636.08 euros were at the time of broadcast.

Sounds like a solid pad, right? However, Monte seems to see things differently. “Oh, there must have been something big going on lately”, he adds. And indeed, MontanaBlack quickly discovered the “culprit”:

“Oh, tax office in Hamburg […] 248,000 euros debited. I had the feeling that something had happened. And here again tax office Hamburg: 30,000. They deducted 280,000 this month, the pigs.”

And suddenly the remaining 306,636.08 euros no longer sounds like such an incredible amount. If the debit from the Hamburg tax authorities is the quarterly income tax prepayment, Monte may even have to transfer a similar amount again in December. However, it is also possible that a regular overdue payment actions. However, both are pure speculation at this point.

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Twitch Increases Streamer Fees

There has been some bad news lately for Monte and many other successful streamers. Because Twitch announced in late September that from June 1, 2023, the split of revenue from Twitch Subs would be adjusted. So far, streamers are allowed to keep 70 percent of the money, Twitch squeezes 30 percent. In the future, the income will be 50/50. divided – but only if the turnover exceeds USD 100,000. The old scheme will remain in effect for this.

We have summarized more information on this subject for you in a separate article:

However, with big streamers like MontanaBlack, Trymacs, and EliasN97 making a lot more money off the twitch subs, it’s probably a particularly bitter pill for them. It remains to be seen whether this change will also shift the priorities of the major content creators.

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