Iron-Man, Behemoth and Xbox Cloud Gaming Revealed

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During Connect, Meta announced Iron Man and support for Xbox Cloud Gaming, a new game from Saints & Sinners developers, and other VR studio acquisitions.

The October 11, 2022 Meta Connect brought few new announcements to VR games, but some old game acquaintances making their way to Quest 2. This includes streaming classic games to the Quest 2 via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The developers of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution have announced the release date and the new VR game Behemoth On. On the other hand, there was no trace of Meta’s big star studios Sanzaru Games (Asgard’s Wrath) and Ready at Dawn (Lone Echo). Rumor has it that Sanzaru is working on a major online RPG since Meta recently re-registered the Worlds of Wrath trademark. These games are probably already in development for Quest 3.

Xbox Cloud Gaming on the Quest Platform

The rumors of Xbox Cloud Gaming support in VR have been confirmed: the service should be available on the Quest platform very soon, so before that Stream traditional games to a virtual screen in the VR glasses.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explained during Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote that hundreds of titles could already be streamed on Quest 2 at the start of the planned beta phase. A subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is required, no date has been set yet. Support on the newly introduced Meta Quest Pro is likely due to backwards compatibility.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners 2

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners 2 – Chapter 2: Retribution was not given an exact release date during the Connect event. Only the release window got a little smaller: the survival game should in Dec 2022 to appear.

In the role of the well-known protagonist The Tourist, you will explore familiar and new areas such as the French Quarter. Scenarios like these allow for multiple approaches, according to game director Mark Domowicz. The survival horror is also in the works for PlayStation VR 2 and PC VR.

New VR game “Behemoth” from Skydance Interactive

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners development studio also unveiled the new VR game Behemoth – but only with a short teaser trailer with no meaning.

Apparently playing in the rugged snowy nature, according to the studio, the title is being developed from the ground up for “bare-bones survival in VR”. The game is coming for Quest and the Rift platform.

Iron Man VR

With Iron Man VR (to be tested), a former prestige title from the PlayStation VR finds its way to the Meta Quest 2. The game from the relatively small studio Camouflaj was only partially convincing at the time, mainly due to the often uncomfortable flight performance and monotony. game.


This time, Endevor One (Arashi: Castles of Sin) helps with the implementation. The game begins on November 3 for Quest 2.

Meta takes over two more VR studios

As part of the announcement, Meta also shared that the studio Camouflaj is now part of Oculus Studios is. Meta also acquires Armature Studio (Resident Evil 4). As early as November 2021, Twisted Pixel (Wilson’s Heart, Path of the Warrior) became part of the studio family. Meta is currently supporting this trio in bringing more “ambitious and forward-looking games into VR”.

So Meta continues its aggressive studio expansion. Other acquired companies include Beat Games (Beat Saber), Sanzaru Games (Asgard’s Wrath), Ready At Dawn Studios (Lone Echo), Downpour Interactive (Onward), BigBox VR (Population: One), and Unit2 Games (Crayta).

The acquisition of the Supernatural developer Within Unlimited is currently causing problems for the American competition authority FTC, about a possible dominance of Metas in fitness VR apps.

Release Date for Among Us VR

The viral game hit Among Us has finally received a release date for its VR adaptation. From November 10, best friends with VR headsets can fight and lie to win the game about a killer in disguise. Up to ten participants aged 13 and over can participate in the virtual spaceship, but only with other VR players.

Senior producer Jennifer Rabbitt warns prospects that they should pay much more attention to their environment in VR. Although the levels have been rebuilt for virtual reality, it is noticeably easier to surprise other players.

Population: One Sandbox brings building blocks for the battle royale

If you’d rather get creative in a shooter than social apps, the new sandbox in Population: One might be for you. An exact date for the update has not yet been determined. However, some details have already been announced.

The mode makes it possible to build places such as a Viking village or a moon base. Experimental nature plays with attraction and fights sword duels in weightless space, for example. As with similar editors, curated presentations and various evaluation options are planned.

A player is tinkering in Population: One's new sandbox mode.

The sandbox mode brings Population: One a level editor for creative gamers. | Image: Meta

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