Intel with good CPU deals, what does AMD Ryzen do? [Update]

Original article: At Amazon, it feels like Prime Day or Black Friday all year round. Nevertheless, we take a look at the shipping giant’s current CPU offerings. Any exciting offers for the PCGH community? First of all, if you want purchasing advice for the latest CPUs, we recommend our CPU test overview with all tests on processors.

Situation at Intel

Just like last Prime Day, Intel is especially active with offers at the start of the Black Friday week. There are some processors from the Rocket Lake and Alder Lake generations with nice discounts that you can see for yourself in the PCGH price comparison. Let’s start with the Core i5-12600K. It is advertised on Amazon for 293 euros, which is very close to the current best prices in the PCGH price comparison, which start at 288 euros. If you include the shipping costs, Amazon is the cheapest provider. It continues with the price-performance tip Core i5-12400F, which is available from Amazon for 185.69 euros has been offered. Even without shipping, that’s the top price at Geizhals.

Amazon fights with the Core i7-12700 without K and thinking factory for the best price. With 386.98 against 386.99 euros, the battle is in the range of 1 cent. Also interesting: the Core i5-12400 starts at 217.43 in the price comparison (Mindfactory), Amazon wants 221.69 euros for the entry-level CPU. There is also savings potential at Rocket Lake. The Core i5-11400F starts at 152.57 (Mindfactory), Amazon wants 152.69 euros for the entry-level CPU. Here, too, there is fierce competition in the penny range.

Situation at AMD

Amazon often does not offer really good prices for Ryzen 5000. Relatively well, the Ryzen 5 5600X is offered, which is available from Amazon for 177.99 euros costs and therefore has the best price including shipping costs together with other providers. This also applies to the Ryzen 7 5800X, which is currently available from Amazon for 253.99 euros cost – with shipping it’s not really cheaper in the PCGH price comparison. Amazon has nothing to say about the Ryzen 7 5800X3D, which is currently in high demand, Mindfactory remains the undisputed king here with 359 euros. Even with Ryzen 7000, Amazon still looks bad: Only the Ryzen 7 7950X is competitive at 773 euros, otherwise we would recommend other providers.

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5600X at the best price on Amazon

Update: Whether it’s a Black Friday offer or not, Amazon offers the best price, at least for a fairly up-to-date Ryzen CPU. Amazon undercuts the Ryzen 5 5600X with 163.80 euros even the previous class leader Mindfactory, which had the best price for the six-score processor so far at 169 euros have kept. With the week still underway on Amazon Black Friday, more CPU bargains could follow.

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