Incidence in provinces and RKI numbers today (November 15, 2022)

Incidence and new cases

in the Saarland is the seven-day incidence down from last week. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) will give them on Tuesday (November 15, 2022). 216.1 on (previous day: 229.5; Tuesday of the previous week: 261.6). came within a day 520 new cases added (last week: 688). Due to the delay in reporting over the weekend, the data should be interpreted with caution.

Probably a large number of unreported cases

Experts assume one high number of cases from which not registered by the RKI to be. Many infected people do not have their positive rapid test result confirmed with a PCR test. However, official statistics only include positive PCR tests.

A new death registered

Authorities registered a total since March 2020 464,898 infections In the state. It came another death of the Neunkirchen district added. With or on Sars-CoV-2 are so far 1,948 Saarlanders died. as actively infected the RKI currently estimates around 9,500 people (previous day: 10,000; last week: 13,800). as restored apply circle 453,400.

Corona situation in the Saarwijken

Situation in intensive care units and incidence of hospitalization

the incidence of hospitalization will with 7:23 quantified. According to the Divi registry, there are currently 19 Patients infected with Corona in the Saarland intensive care units (previous day: 19; last week: 25). are theirs 9 so seriously ill that she invasive ventilation received (previous day: 8; last week: 13).

an announcement

the RKI data can due to delay in reporting of their own Data from the Saar districts differ. No information is given about the number of tests.

Explanation of conditions

Number of cases: She gives the total amount of cases detected with a PCR test in Saarland since the first appearance of the coronavirus. She shows it off Not how many people are currently infected with the virus. Recovered and dead are not excluded from this number. Reinfections are also included in the value.

incidence: the seven-day incidence indicates how many people per 100,000 inhabitants have become infected with the corona virus within a week.

Hospitalization Incidence: The value indicates how many corona patients per 100,000 inhabitants were admitted to hospital in seven days – in all departments. Due to the delay in reporting, he can clearly see the actual number of hospital admissions underestimate.

Number of deaths: She leaves the total amount of people who have died of or with a corona infection. Forensic doctors estimate that the majority of corona deaths have died from the infection.

Number of active infections: She says how many people currently are infected with the coronavirus. This number is one estimated value of the RCI.

Number recovered: Of the estimated value of the RKI indicates how many people have become infected with the corona virus and their infection has now returned survived to have. The number appears Not indicates how many people suffer from possible late effects (Long-Covid) Suffer.

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