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The Robert Koch Institute has reported the latest corona figures. It soon becomes clear: the autumn wave has really gained momentum.

Munich – The corona figures in Bavaria continue to rise. On Tuesday morning, October 11, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported a 7-day incidence of over 1,000 for the Free State. Compared to Monday, October 10, it rose from 286.3 to 1,096.8.

Corona incidence in Bavaria is over 1,000 – connection with Oktoberfest

The truth of this very big jump is that the holidays and the typical weekend delay also play a part. All in all, according to the experts, the incidence only gives a vague picture of the real number of infections. Because: Only positive PCR tests are included in the statistics of the RKI – but it is assumed that many infected people do not take a PCR test, which means that the number of unreported infections is much higher.

I firmly believe that we cannot circumvent the obligation to wear face masks in the interior.”

While it’s hard to prove any connection between the surge and Munich’s Oktoberfest, it’s hard to dismiss. This was also noted by Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, who wrote on Twitter: “There is no room for gloating here. But Oktoberfest reminds us: Shouting and yelling indoors maximizes aerosol transmission of corona.

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Record number of cases in hospitals: with, but not because of Corona

The State Office for Health and Food Safety (LG) also reported a dramatic increase in the number of cases in Bavarian hospitals on Tuesday. According to this data, 2,505 people have been admitted with Corona in the past seven days. Most people didn’t come because of Corona, but with. Still, the increase is huge – it’s 160 percent higher than last week, and it’s a sad record. Because in previous waves the maximum value was around 1500.

The corona autumn wave is gaining momentum – in Bavaria the 7-day incidence has now risen to above 1,000 (symbol image). © Reichwein

The situation regarding the occupation of intensive care beds, on the other hand, is somewhat more relaxed and has not yet reached the proportions of previous corona waves. In terms of corona figures themselves, Fürstenfeldbruck with 1840.1 and Tirschenreuth with 1708.4 are at the top in Bavaria. Munich is just under 1,500. In total, 52 of the 96 Bavarian districts have broken the 1,000 sound barrier in terms of impact. (fhz)

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