Iker Casillas: “I’m gay” tweet causes confusion

Shortly afterwards, a deleted tweet from Spanish goalkeeping legend Iker Casillas (41) sparked excitement and speculation. “Hope you respect me: I’m gay. Happy Sunday,” his verified account read Sunday. Two hours after his now-deleted tweet, Casillas said his account had been hacked.

The answer from former FC Barcelona professional Carles Puyol (44) caused even more excitement. “It’s time to tell our story, Iker,” he commented, followed by a heart emoji and a kissing hand emoji. Casillas’ tweet was deleted after a good hour, but Puyuol’s tweet was not initially.

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It was not previously known that the two could actually be gay. Casillas was married to sports journalist Sara Carbonero until 2021 and has two sons with him, Puyol has been with model Vanesa Lorenzo for years and they have two daughters together.

A screenshot of the now-deleted tweet from Iker Casillas. (Source: Screenshot/MOPO)

Spanish media such as the newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” speculated that Casillas’ Twitter account may have been hacked. Casillas may have wanted to use the tweet to defend himself against ever-new media reports speculating about the former national soccer goalkeeper’s alleged new love affairs.

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An immediate response to Casillas’ confusing tweet came in the person of Josh Cavallo, who last October became the first professional football player to publicly disclose his homosexuality. The 22-year-old wrote on Twitter: “It’s disappointing that Iker Casillas and Carlos Puyol are making fun of getting out of football. It’s a tough journey every LGBTQ+ person has to go through. To see how my role models and football legends joke making about my coming out and my community is beyond disrespectful.”

In a tweet published two hours later, the ex-keeper spoke up again, saying he had been hacked. “The account has been hacked. Fortunately, everything is fine!” wrote the 41-year-old. The father of two also apologized to all his admirers – especially the LGBTQ community. (dpa/nis)

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