If you want all the content of Overwatch 1, you have to pay 12,000 euros

Collectors new to Overwatch should take a deep breath. Because Blizzard’s hero shooter is expensive if you want all the cosmetics from part 1.

With the launch of Overwatch 2, a lot has changed in Blizzard’s hero shooter. Most notably, the way you get new skins or other cosmetic rewards has changed. Gone are the days of loot boxes, instead there is now a battle pass and in-game shop.

However, this change suddenly turns “easy-to-play” content into unattainably expensive skins. Because old skins, emotes, voice lines and more that you didn’t earn in Overwatch 1 you have to buy in Overwatch 2 for “Overwatch Coins”. This is the premium currency that you can buy in the store or earn in very small amounts.

If you have to have all the content like Overwatch 1, you have to invest a lot of money – namely a whopping 12,000 euros.

Where does the number come from? In the Overwatch subreddit, the user loliscoolyay4me has published an extensive table. There he lists all the content that was in Overwatch 1 – ie all the different skins, emotes, voicelines, sprays and highlight intros.

At the time, this content was available through loot boxes, which were relatively easy to earn. There was a loot box every few hours of gameplay, and even more for events.

To buy all of this content from Overwatch 1, you’ll need 1,401,500 Overwatch Coins – equivalent to a purchase price of just over $12,000.

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Overwatch coins cost 10 euros for 1,000 pieces. The price drops a bit if you buy more – because then 11,600 credits cost just under 100 euros. The table is based on the “cheapest” purchase price, ie the largest package.

By the way, the dollar cost in the table can be applied 1:1 to euros – because Overwatch coins currently have the same price for dollars and euros.

It should be noted, however, that the actual price would be slightly lower as some of the spray logos can no longer be purchased directly and are instead obtained through performance. That would lower the price (and content) by a few euros.

Can you unlock the content without money? Actually you have to say “yes” here, because at least for individual cosmetic items this is possible and also realistic. However, if you want to get all the fun items from Overwatch 1, you have to look in the tube. Because you can only earn a very small (almost ridiculous) number of Overwatch Coins per week – namely 60 pieces.

If you want to use it to buy skins that cost 1,000 or even more coins, you can calculate how long it would take to buy items. A single skin for “only” 1,000 coins would last 17 weeks.

What do you think of these prices? Is that “okay” because Overwatch 2 is now Free2Play? Or is that just absurd?

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