“If I could talk about the lineup…”

(Motorsport-Total.com) – In his second year in Formula 1, Mick Schumacher had a two-faced season. The first few races didn’t come together very well and the German turned heads with a couple of costly accidents as team-mate Kevin Magnussen scored the important points for Haas.

Mick Schumacher on Media Thursday in Japan


However, with the first points of his Formula 1 career at Silverstone, the tide turned in the internal team battle. In the last eight races Schumacher scored twelve points, Magnussen only seven and the German now also has a relatively clear lead in the race with 10:6.

However, when asked why he’s gotten so much better since Silverstone, Schumacher hides a secret: “If I could talk about the set-up and everything else, a lot of things would be clarified and a lot would make sense to us. meaning, but I can’t talk about it.”

Schumacher: Had we known that at the start of the season

“So you just have to believe me, the change was amazing. We changed the whole way we approach racing and it got a lot easier. I think if we had known at the beginning of the year we would have been safe if we had been further up the field.” and we could have done more,” says Schumacher.

When asked if it’s a matter of the whole team or just his car and when the change was made, he said: “I think it’s probably a combination of my interpretation of the driving and the set-up and it was in near Canada.”

Looking at his future prospects at Haas, Schumacher does not regret his weak start to the season, when it was easier to finish in the points at Haas than it is now, as the competition could only make bigger strides later.

Schumacher on the future: Haas doesn’t look at the headlines

“I don’t think there is any reason for me to think about what happened at the beginning of the year, nor do I think about what happened in the last races. For me it’s just about moving on to the next to race.”

“And I think at the moment it’s just there to put us in a position where I can do my best to perform. But also we as a team always try to make the best of what we have. In the last few races we have We’ve been able to get points and it’s just not rewarded.”

“But that doesn’t mean it pulls us down, it just motivates us even more to push the next races. And for next year: I think it’s very good that the team knows what I can do, and I’m sure that they judge based on that fact and not based on what’s in the headlines.”

Haas has confidence in Suzuka: track similar to Silverstone

Schumacher is also confident that Haas can score its first points since Austria at Suzuka, as track characteristics are similar to those at Silverstone, where both cars scored points.

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“The numbers suggest it must be a track that suits our car. We drive on the toughest tire compounds and we were usually strong on those tracks,” he says.

“For example, when I think back to Silverstone, we could even fight with a Red Bull, even if they were damaged, but we could still fight with them. So I’m hoping for a strong weekend.”

“Qualifying is probably more important here than at Silverstone, but maybe this place will become a place where you can overtake. In the end we will focus on ourselves and on a good qualifying, which will hopefully put us in a position where we can overtake.” we can fight for points.”

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