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78 minutes


Dangerous corner! Klement serves a teammate with a cross from the left. Raab parries the header from eleven meters and a central position.

76 minutes


Aaron Opoku joins 1. FC Kaiserslautern

76 minutes


Eric Durm

Substitution at 1. FC Kaiserslautern: Erik Durm

75th minute


Next big opportunity for the hosts! Reis is served at the far pole from the left and goes to Glatzel. He tries to head the ball from close range, but Luthe is back on the ball and saves!

73 minutes


First action by Königsdörffer! The Joker is sent on a journey with a through ball, takes the ball and pulls from the half-right position. Luthe blocks the tunnel and deflects the shot from eleven yards!

72nd minute


The hero of Hanover rises. The 21-year-old scored the winning goal last matchday and is expected to play as a joker today.

71 minutes


Ransford Koenigsdörffer

Ransford Königsdörffer joins Hamburger SV

71 minutes


Bakery Jatta

Substitution at Hamburger SV: Bakery Jatta

70 minutes


Great opportunity for Glatzel! The striker is sent steeply to the left of the penalty area. He shoots from the left corner of the box, but Luthe storms out of his box, stretches and blocks!

69th minute


FCK has more than twenty minutes to settle the deficit. There were plenty of chances to make it 1-1. And the game is still completely open. HSV continues to have more ball possession, currently 69 percent, but Lautern continues to counter dangerously.

66th minute


A change that surprises: the very strong Terrence Boyd leaves the field and is replaced by Lex-Tyger Lobinger.

66th minute


Lex Tyger Lobinger

Lex-Tyger Lobinger comes on at 1. FC Kaiserslautern

66th minute


Terence Boyd

Substitution at 1. FC Kaiserslautern: Terrence Boyd

64th minute


FCK misses the next opportunity! Vušković heads a long ball from deep into the Lauter half. Schonlau goes into a running duel with Redondo and can be cooked. The ex-Fuerther runs away from the defender, but hits the ball to the left from a half-left position! There would have been more!

60 minutes


Attention from Raab! Again the Palatinate counterattacked dangerously and Redondo was sent down steeply from the right wing. He seeks out Boyd with a central ball. The HSV goalkeeper suspects this, comes out of his box on time and plucks the ball from the air.

59 minutes


Muheim inserts into the box from the left, where a Lauterer extends his head in such a way that Glatzel, standing behind him, doesn’t get any pressure on the ball as he heads the ball. Luthe catches the ball.

59 minutes


Hamburg doesn’t look very solid in defence. Time and again we see technical fouls by the defenders.

56th minute


The FCK remains dangerous! The Red Devils continue to win balls in midfield and then switch quickly. Redondo is sent down steeply down the right flank, but then the HSV back team quickly gets behind the ball and Lauterer has to play around the back.

54th minute


Nice free kick by Vušković! The central defender circles a free kick from 25 yards and a half left position over the wall towards the left corner of the goal. Luthe stretches and easily repels the ball.

52nd minute


Continue. The game is running again.

51 minutes


Dirk Schuster goes to the guest block and asks the fans to refrain from further ignition.

50 minutes


The referee stops the match because of the smoke in the stadium. Visibility is not good enough at the moment. But it should be able to go on in a few seconds.

48 minutes


It must be 1:1! Moritz Heyer accepts a pass and then slips away. Terrence Boyd grabs the ball and marches alone towards goalkeeper Raab. He pushes the ball just over the right post. Raab was still there with his foot. class kept!

47 minutes


A lot of smoke moves through the Volkspark stadium. Visibility is not ideal.

46 minutes


After a short break, the whistle for the second half sounds. The reason: The Lauterer fans lit fireworks.

46 minutes


Kick-off 2nd half

45 minutes


Interim conclusion:
Hamburger SV was right at halftime with a 1-0 lead against 1. FC Kaiserslautern. Tim Walter’s team dominated the game, especially in the early stages, and had more of the game with 68 percent possession. After a buck from Luthe, HSV took the lead with a goal from Glatzel. The Lauterers were always dangerous throughout the 45 minutes and created some great chances of their own. The Red Devils were not at all shocked by the deficit and made it clear that they still scored after six deficits in the current season. To be continued soon!

45 minutes


End of 1st half

45 minutes


Official injury time (minutes): 1

45 minutes


Boyd makes a great game. The striker is always ready to play and catches a lot of balls. He is also present in the penalty area at all times and causes unrest in the back line of the northern lights.

44th minute


Almost right! Durm plays a nice pass from the right into the penalty area to Redondo. The 28-year-old shoots from a tight angle, but shoots the ball just wide of the left post.

41 minutes


Shout out to Boyd! The ex-Paderborn clears a cross from the left with a header in front of the Bremer’s eyes. Important action from the central defender!

38 minutes


Another sharp pass from Kittel. As for the 1-0, the 29-year-old circles the ball sharply in front of the goal. This time Luthe plays it safe and palms the ball out of danger.

36 minutes


Boyd from eleven meters and a central location! The striker ends up in a confusing situation but fails to hit the ball well. Missed the opportunity.

34 minutes


Bénes is played steeply on the left wing, but then a player from the Palatinate rushes up and slides the ball wide. Watch out!

31 minutes


Hamburger SV now plays more and more with diagonal balls, with which they open up the space. One of them led straight to the tour.

28 minutes


Bénes catches a long, high ball, but cannot control it and tips it out of the goal. Kick-off for Kaiserslautern.

27 minutes


Bitter deficit for FCK, which was good in the game after a dominant Hamburg early phase and also created scoring opportunities. The otherwise safe support Andreas Luthe slips and Hamburg accepts the gift.

24 minutes


Robert Glatzel

Tooor for Hamburger SV, 1-0 by Robert Glatzel

Luthe slips and HSV takes the lead! The Hamburgers shifted the game to the left, where Kittel cut the ball from the half-left on goal. Luthe halfheartedly defends with his hands and the game device flies to the scorer’s knee. From there the thing sails into the gate.

22 minutes


1. FCK gets bolder! The guests continue to spread the game and try to cross over to Boyd.

19 minutes


Boyd per head! Ritter is played right into the penalty area and crosses high into the center. There, the 31-year-old striker climbs up and heads the ball from the center and seven meters over it.

18 minutes


Luther sovereign! The ex-Union goalkeeper plucks the ball from the air after a Jatta cross from the right.

18 minutes


Good attack from FCK! Zuck is sent down steeply from the left wing and brings the ball sharply in front of the goal. But there is an HSV defender who goes wrong for Boyd.

16 minutes


The home team has 81 percent of the ball. But she still can’t find spaces on the opponent’s half. On the side of the Hanseatic city, we see almost exclusively short steps and no long balls behind the Lauterer’s chain. There is a lack of depth in the leaders’ game.

13 minutes


Moritz Heyer finds László Bénes with a cross from the right. He only hits the ball at the far post with his shoulder and pushes it clearly to the left past the goal under pressure.

11 minutes


Tim Walter’s team moves well in possession and lets the ball run. But the back line of the red jersey is well organized and close to the ball-carrying players.

8 minutes


Corner for Kaiserslautern. Klement puts the ball in front of the nearest post, but Raab is wide awake and catches the ball.

6 minutes


HSV makes the game without taking too much risk. FCK focuses on switching quickly after winning the ball and making pinpricks.

3 minutes


Hamburger SV takes control of the game and lets the ball run through its own ranks. Lautern only attacks just behind the center line and does not press too high.


The two teams enter the lawn. You can get started in moments!


The last face-to-face meeting between the two traditional clubs was a few years ago. The two clubs last met in the 2011/2012 season – then still in the first division. In the first leg, goals from Pierre De Wit and Paolo Guerrero came at 1-1. In the second leg, the current chairman and chairman of the board, Marcell Jansen, scored the only goal of the game for HSV.


FCK coach Dirk Schuster changes to two positions. Luthe replaces Spahic in goal. In addition, Zimmer takes a seat on the couch and is replaced by Bormuth. We expect the Red Devils in a 4-2-3-1. Ritter and Niehues form the double six, Boyd is the only real striker at the front.


Compared to the Hanover 96 game, Tim Walter makes only one change to the starting line-up – and that is forced. Matheo Raab replaces Daniel Heuer Fernandes in goal, who has to pass due to a gastro-intestinal infection. Hamburger SV is expected to play in a 4-3-3 system. László Bénes, Jonas Meffert and Ludovit Reis play for the defending four. At the front, Sonny Kittel and Jatta Bakery storm after Robert Glatzel.


The tie kings of the league come from the Palatinate. 1. FC Kaiserslautern drew for the sixth time this season last weekend, but lost only one game of the season. In the 1-1 draw against Eintracht Braunschweig, Tomiak equalized the interim 0-1 draw in the Fritz Walter Stadium and gave the Red Devils at least one point. The climber is currently in seventh place in the ranking.


Five matches, five wins: Hamburger SV has had a perfect score in recent weeks and is leading the competition. Tim Walter’s team won 2-1 in Hanover 96 on the last day of play. After an early deficit, the boys from the Hanseatic city took advantage of an own goal from the opponent. In the end, it was Königsdörffer who scored the acclaimed winning goal in the 92nd minute.


Good evening and welcome to the Volksparkstadion for the 11th match day of the 2nd Bundesliga and the match between Hamburger SV and 1. FC Kaiserslautern. It starts at 8:30 PM.

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